White Rock Announces 1st Product

DALLAS -- White Rock Networks, a next-generation metro optical transport systems provider, today announced the first member of its product family of modular, scalable and stackable optical networking products. The low-cost, low-power, easy-to-implement "best-of-breed" products will increase profitability for carriers without requiring them to change network architectures or management systems.

White Rock Networks first member of its product family-the VLX2010(-is the world's smallest SONET OC-48 add-drop multiplexer, standing just one rack unit (1.75") high. Its scalable architecture allows for seamless plug-and-play integration with all future White Rock building-block products that will include SONET OC-192, DWDM and Gigabit Ethernet technologies.

"Our products will lead the market in terms of size, power, ease-of-use and all around value," said Lonnie Martin, Founder/CEO of White Rock Networks. "Whereas most companies are building more complicated and costly integrated metro systems, we're delivering simpler and cost-effective dis-integrated solutions that can be deployed by carriers today. This approach allows them to evolve their networks as customer requirements change by adding additional building blocks. Carriers' networks will never be anchored down with outdated equipment or a product with limited growth potential."

Telecom_Guy 12/4/2012 | 8:41:35 PM
re: White Rock Announces 1st Product It sounds like this company really knows what's needed in the metro space. They are on to something with their new products. It appears to be more than just another Cerent/Siara/Cyras wannbe. I even read somewhere in Lightreading that they are being coined as the "Cisco / Cerent Killers" WOW. That's a bold statement. Hopefully they can back it up.
etherhead 12/4/2012 | 8:40:41 PM
re: White Rock Announces 1st Product sounds like another WR employee. noticed no one even posted. yawn.
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