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Chat Mobility, Trilogy Networks tout edge computing in Iowa, Missouri

EMERSON, Iowa – Chat Mobility, Emerson, Iowa and Trilogy Networks, Inc., Boulder, Colorado today announced the completion of Trilogy's Unified Multi-Cloud Edge Network infrastructure across portions of Southwest Iowa and Northwest Missouri. This essential Edge Cloud infrastructure will accelerate Chat Mobility's plans to deploy a 5G O-RAN network and deliver precision agriculture solutions to thousands of farms in their coverage area.

Trilogy, through the Rural Cloud Initiative (RCI), is partnering with Chat Mobility to extend their Nationwide Single - Unified Edge Cloud Platform deep into the core and far edges of Chat Mobility's coverage area. 5G network deployments using virtualized Open RAN technologies require robust cloud and network infrastructure at cell sites and core locations in the network. With the deployment of Trilogy's EdgeHub, EdgeGate and EdgeRAN platforms, Chat Mobility is well positioned to rapidly deploy the 5G network in select locations of their operating territory.

This network will (also) support the delivery of advanced precision agriculture solutions to thousands farms across this multi-state coverage area. The solutions include emerging Precision Agriculture applications like drones, robotics and sensors being deployed throughout the farming and livestock industries. These solutions empower farmers and agriculture companies to transform farming into a modern digital enterprise. With access to real-time data control and decision-making of connected devices, farms will significantly increase overall efficiency and yield through reductions in spoilage, energy costs, insurance, and human resource costs.

"The deployment of this advanced technology is crucial as many worldwide organizations have recognized there will be a massive global food shortage by the year 2050. On December 20th of 2018 the United States Congress formally acknowledged the forecasted global food shortage. They promptly made a declaration calling on US food producers to embark on activities to double their production without adding a single acre of land or an additional drop of water," says George Woodward, CEO of Trilogy Networks and FCC Precision Ag Task Force member. "To accomplish this monumental task, technology and advancements in precision agriculture will be required and need to start immediately. To support this the FCC is allocating an initial $1B to address Precision Agriculture technology and deployments. This represents the first of many initiatives to support the 2.1 Million farms and $136B annual agriculture segment. All of the advanced applications will benefit from a complete network evolution that includes both Private 5G systems and Multi-Cloud Edge Compute connectivity. "

"Trilogy's deployment in our network gives us the capability and agility we need to build out a 5G network efficiently and cost effectively. We successfully completed the deployment of high capacity edge computing and storage, within our telco partners central offices, and at several cell sites across Southwest Iowa," said Brian Spurgeon, General Manager of Chat Mobility, in a prepared statement. "This forward-looking initiative continues our history of delivering the cutting-edge solutions needed by our customers, in this case, real-time analytics at the far edge of the network covering thousands of square miles of rich agricultural lands."

Additionally, Trilogy and Chat, along with several RCI partners have completed the second phase deployment at Hurst Greenery as part of their Farm of the Future Series.

"With the completion of this phase at Hurst Greenery, Trilogy, with the Rural Cloud Initiative, has created a deployment and blueprint model to replicate and scale Private LTE Systems and advanced precision Ag solutions all across rural America. Trilogy and RCI will be announcing a series of additional Multi-Cloud Edge network deployments over the next few months," said George Woodward, President & CEO of Trilogy Networks.

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