HTML5 Specifications
HTML5 Specifications

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Informa supports HTML5 advertising on Informa sites. Ads created in HTML5 offer the benefit of working across devices and platforms.


File size for HTML5 creatives is 200kb for max initial file load.Information on click macro implementation must be provided.Advertiser/Client must host all files referenced in HTML5 ad.Static backup image file required (JPG, GIF, PNG) for any browsers incapable of displaying HTML5.All HTML5 code must adhere to the ad guidelines and specifications for its respective ad unit.HTML5 code must be submitted in accordance to the ad unit’s submission lead time for proper testing and any necessary revisions.Informa’s ad server is Google DoubleClick for Publishers (Premium).Avoid using z-index as CSS layering styles can cause issues with elements on the website.Refrain from styling global elements like the body and universal tags (such as 1, h1, p, etc.) since these will interfere with the website’s styles.HTML5 ads can be submitted as:Third-party tagAll 3rd Party tags and accompanying technologies being served by tags must be SSL Compliant (HTTPS).DoubleClick Studio creatives directly pushed to our DFP network from DC Studio.DoubleClick Campaign Manager tag (DCM inred).

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