Stoner TV

3:00 PM -- ABCNews.com published a story today that proves that they are hip to what’s on the minds of cool, edgy “twenty-somethings": children's shows featuring brightly colored puppets.

    Forget Dr. McDreamy and the fashionable gals of "Sex and The City." The stars of a hit television show aimed at preschoolers, "Yo Gabba Gabba!" are now the ones capturing the often coveted eyes of twenty-somethings nationwide...

    And while many older fans of the show said they like it just for the music and quirky characters, others said the show was even better when combined with another popular pastime of some 20-somethings:
    [Dunh dunh dunhhhhhhh!] Smoking marijuana.

ABC contacted an expert on “stoner television,” to provide an opinion on just what makes the children’s show so -- to use the technical term -- trippy.

    "It's a good stoner television show, because it's not difficult to understand since it's made for children and there are lots of bright colors and good music," said Tracie Egan, an editor for popular women's gossip blog Jezebel.com, adding that she has watched the show after getting high.

She goes on to describe the biological process involved with marijuana use by explaining that “when you're stoned, you're sort of, well, slower.” Ah! So that’s how it works.

Here’s a popular clip from the show featuring the startlingly creepy combination of Elijah Wood and puppets... Don't forget to inhale!

— Red (Eyed) Panda, Light Reading

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