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I'm Back for the Future of Communications

"What is? Is. What was? Will be. What will be was, but will be again." – Arnold Horshack

Oh, yeah. I'm back.

And duly welcomed.

But why return to Light Reading? There are some structural improvements I need to make, like establishing a BBQ smokehouse budget and convincing the bosses that it's a common editorial expense in Texas. "It's like a tea room, but dangerous." (Look, I'm still working on it.)

Wait, there's more. I came back to help Light Reading keep doing what it does well. This publication has an incredibly talented group of writers, editors and video producers. Keeping those people going and making sure Light Reading doesn't abandon its strengths as a publication and a brand, is hard work.

With all the technological change in communications and media, we have to navigate both industries well enough to provide our audience the best content possible at the exact right time that they need it. That requires us to refine Light Reading's editorial strategy continually, clarify who we are and what we cover, and do our best to remain competitive. We also need to be there for the talented folks that have trusted us with their career development.

Also, it's an exciting time to be watching the future of communications unfold. Apple launched its app store a decade ago, ushering in new communications services, delivered directly to devices from content creators, social networks and information providers.

Now cloud computing companies and device makers have jumped ahead of service providers to build artificial intelligence capabilities that will unlock even more innovation and services. Even the act of creating the software that powers our next favorite app will soon be something that computers write without our help.

How do the operators of the networks that carry these services fit in? The answer is not clear. They could become the conductors of the next great symphony of computing and innovation or, once again, remain the well-dressed patrons in the back row of the theater, politely clapping while someone else stands center stage and gets the spotlight.

Whatever happens, and however the rapidly consolidating media landscape changes the narrative, I'm happy to be back in a role where I can help tell this remarkable story.

— Phil Harvey, US News Editor, Light Reading

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mendyk 4/26/2018 | 12:26:37 PM
Re: Yeet "That terrible Warren Beatty movie" -- kind of like saying, "that terrible Styx song."
Phil Harvey 4/26/2018 | 10:14:44 AM
Re: Yeet Maybe this guy is playing the drunk Jay Bulworth character from that terrible Warren Beatty movie...
Gabriel Brown 4/26/2018 | 8:56:09 AM
Re: Yeet Good to see you've bought a readership back with you Phil ;)
Big mac the tac 4/26/2018 | 8:08:24 AM
Yeet Wat is up my doob! R U like 50 or somthin, you look old. My Great Grandma was hoarder, she's dead though. R.I.P. to her. Kats are kool, are you a kool kat. yeet yeet, skert!

Wanna here a joke: why did the chicken cross the road?

Because It's a free country!

#Freedom #Merica #Dankmemes #Pranked

P.S: you should dye your grey hair jet black.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 3:07:30 PM
Re: Welcome back! 'sup 7,

Oh, the trouble I get in for writing down what people say out loud. Very pleased to help you reach a state of conditional happiness. 



brooks7 4/20/2018 | 2:31:11 PM
Re: Welcome back! Phil, Phil, Phil....

I am happy as long as you do not tell people that I hate Grandmother's.




Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 12:44:00 PM
Re: Welcome back! Thanks, Duh! 

I've never been to a lobster bake but that sounds like a nice thing to do in between BBQ stops.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:14:55 AM
Re: Welcome back! I wish. My sis-in-law moved to Long Island so now our summer visits must include a long train ride away from civilization into a land with even funnier accents. 

But, thanks. Great to be back.
Phil Harvey 4/20/2018 | 11:13:46 AM
Re: Welcome back! Three. Salt. Pepper. And Five Spice. Oh, wait. That's seven. Dang it.
Duh! 4/20/2018 | 11:13:14 AM
Re: Welcome back! We don't have civil wars over BBQ up heah in New England. It's all good. But we do have lobstah bakes. Now that's a regional tradition worth defending.

Good to see you back.
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