Omdia: SASE has barely left the starting blocks

While vendors and service providers have made much ado about secure access service edge (SASE), the technology framework is still in its nascent phase, according to Omdia Analysts Adeline Phua and Fernando Montenegro.

"I think everybody's really excited about SASE because enterprises keep asking about it," said Phua. "It's got so much buzz in the market. And we're thinking that maybe adoption is really hitting that tipping point, only to find out when we talk to service providers and to enterprises that the adoption is really not there yet."

Phua and Montenegro explain why there's still a learning curve about SASE, how service providers can better approach enterprises interested in adopting SASE and their forecasts for the market moving forward.

You can download a lightly edited transcript of the podcast here.

Here are a few topics we covered:

  • Omdia's definition of SASE (00:32)
  • Service provider adoption of SASE (02:58)
  • Why SD-WAN adoption is still light (04:39)
  • How service providers can better educate enterprises about SASE (07:32)
  • Types of deployment options for SASE (14:07)
  • Where enterprises should start on their SASE journey (19:46)

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— Kelsey Kusterer Ziser, Senior Editor, Light Reading

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