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Voxsmart Meets FCA Rules With Mobile Call Recording Service

LONDON -- Voxsmart, the leading supplier of regulatory compliant mobile call recording, today announced VSmart: a breakthrough new service that is the first to fully meet both the FCA regulations in the UK - and upcoming Dodd Frank legislation in the USA - across all communications on any Smartphone, on any network, regardless of location.

For the first time, VSmart will enable regulated organisations to record and store all of each individual trader’s mobile voice calls - including calls made over Wifi using VoIP services - as well as text and instant messaging traffic, all with no delay to call set-up time and no need to change SIM card or network.

“Before VSmart,” said Voxsmart Executive Chairman Graham Rivers, “the only ways to fully meet FCA regulations was to either ban traders from using mobiles – which is not sustainable - or insist on using our original service using BlackBerry handsets. Nothing else could fully capture all the communications or provide the international coverage.

“Today’s news is therefore a market-changer. Our VSmart service will not only capture all Smartphone communication, it also offers a range of new and improved storage, retrieval and data analysis features."


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