Dumbest Gadgets of CES 2016

There are many products launched at CES that could forever change the future of mankind. These gadgets are not on that list.

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Susan Fourtané 1/20/2016 | 7:32:27 AM
Re: The dumbest thing of CES -0, 

A smartphone with a built-in e-cigarette?! That certainly wins and leaves all those gadgets in the video way behind. 

Since there is no yet clear how the electronic cigarette affects the health of the non-smokers it can't be allowed in public places. This only means those smartphones can't be smoked in public. There is an annual Summit in London, England exploring the topic.

Susan Fourtané 1/20/2016 | 7:11:02 AM
Lazy workout There have always been things promising lazy people that they can work out without working out. I am surprised someone has invested in getting that thing to even a prototype level. If it was a startup, I'd love to know how they convinced VCs that it was going be a hit. 

Does anyone have the name of the lazy workout device? 

Susan Fourtané 1/20/2016 | 6:46:43 AM
Re: Organ music Liz, 

They have installed CCTVs all over your house. You can't hide your secret talents anymore. 

-0 1/13/2016 | 4:00:47 AM
The dumbest thing of CES How did you miss the dumbest thing - smartphone which you can SMOKE? It's a smartphone with built-in electronic cigarette. I am [almost] not laughing anymore when I see people taking photos with their tablets. I am sure I won't be able to suppress giggles when I see somebody with a smartphone sticking out of the mouth!
PaulERainford 1/12/2016 | 6:44:52 AM
Baldly going Is that laser head zapper available on Amazon yet? Could be the answer to my prayers...
mhhf1ve 1/11/2016 | 4:53:02 PM
Re: Steamboats Perhaps a Keurig-like tea maker is in order? I think I saw a machine that's supposed to automatically brew beer from a K-cup-esque packet.

There are also the constant announcements of making things "smarter":

DanJones 1/11/2016 | 4:19:01 PM
Re: Steamboats Way ahead of all that! :-)


mendyk 1/11/2016 | 3:18:51 PM
CES pool We're not at the bottom of the barrel yet -- but we're getting closer. I did see an ad for a laser hair restoration cap in the paper this weekend, though. Could be a webinar opportunity for LR.
mhhf1ve 1/11/2016 | 3:09:15 PM
When will auto shows become gadget shows? The lines are getting blurry between CES and automaker trade shows... I wonder when "auto shows" are going to start featuring more and more SharperImage-esque gadgets.
mhhf1ve 1/11/2016 | 3:06:35 PM
Re: Steamboats There are a lot of headphone gadgets that you wouldn't think would be useful.. but people buy them.

I can actually see a use-case for headphones that you go to sleep with, though.. they play white noise or something to block out sound... and wake you up in the morning without a snooze button handy.

I'm actually surprised they didn't combine it with a sleep tracking system.
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