7-9% of US internet households own a smart garage door opener

DALLAS – New research from Parks Associates reveals 7-9% of US internet households own a smart garage door opener, although significant percentages of these owners are not using the smart capabilities of their devices. Twenty percent of these owners have a smart garage door opener that is not actively connected to the internet, and 42% of those with these unconnected devices never set up the "smart" functionality, either due to lack of interest or lack of capability. The international research firm's study Smart Garage Door Openers Market Assessment addresses the growing smart garage solution market, with a focus on services and the potential for future revenues.

Like other smart home products, smart garage door openers experienced growth during the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, when home renovations were on the rise. Several challenges will follow this period of gradual growth—in particular, the difficulty to connect the smart garage door opener to the internet limits owners' ability to use the full suite of smart features and remote controls promised at purchase.

Parks Associates' Smart Product Market Assessments provide a comprehensive and deep analysis of a single smart product market. This analysis includes consumer data for each product, including trending data across years and deep-dive questions on product usage, pain points, and preferences.

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Parks Associates

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