Euro-PCMM Policy Servers Pass, Incognito Enters Game

The Euro-CableLabs (ECL) Certification Board announced results of its wave 19 testing this week. The ECL board qualified the first policy servers for Euro-PacketCable Multimedia compliance as products from CableMatrix and Camiant made the grade. In the Euro-PacketCable call management server (CMS) category, Siemens cleared the bar with its SURPASS hiQ8000. Turning to Euro-DOCSIS 2.0, Philips earned qualification for its DCR1001/10 cable modem embedded in a DVB-C set-top box, while Hitron's BRG-3520T ED standalone cable modem was certified. Speaking of PCMM policy servers, Incognito Software this month announced its entry into the category with the release its Advanced Policy Server (APS) solution. In a move to differentiate the product, Incognito says APS works on any type of broadband IP network, not just DOCSIS networks. Incognito plans to release a PCMM-compliant version of APS in late Q3 2005.
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