Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project

Canada has allocated C$110 million (US$70 million) for a nationwide 10-Gbit/s optical network that proponents say could help end users manage their own multimedia optical networks.

That's right: end users.

On Monday, Industry Canada, the government department that oversees economic development and telecom policy, awarded the funds to Canarie Inc., a not-for-profit corporation charged with creating and overseeing the network that links Canada's universities and research centers (see Canada Builds Research Net).

The network, dubbed CA*Net4, is set to become the development testbed for object-oriented software tools designed by Canarie researchers to help users configure wavelength services from their desktops and trade optical bandwidth with like-minded individuals on public exchanges.

If that model sounds far-out, it's supposed to. Spokespeople for Canarie say a key value of its work lies in pushing the technological envelope beyond what the market currently demands.

"Our primary purpose is to support the high-end needs of science and research. But like the original Internet, we hope to have a larger influence too," says Bill St. Arnaud, senior director of advanced networks at Canarie.

The bandwidth-management software project, named Consumer Powered Network, is a case in point. "We believe this object-oriented networking technology will have a big impact on current business models for managing optical networks," St. Arnaud says.

The software is being worked on by various researchers at Canarie, which is based in Ottawa. The scientists are working on creating Web-based software that interacts with 10-Gbit/s wavelengths on the CA*Net4, which is set to go live in July 2002.

The CA*Net4 made headlines this week, when it was announced that Canadian carriers GT Group Telecom and Big Pipe Inc. won an RFP worth a minimum of C$25 million (US$16 million) to provision the CA*Net4 optical backbone to Canarie.

The network is based primarily on optical links from GT Group, with subcontracted routes from Big Pipe. All the routes originated from fiber laid by 360networks Inc., Canarie says.

The two are offering Canarie considerable discounts on the facilities, in comparison to commercial fees, Canarie says. Other bidders included Bell Canada (NYSE/Toronto: BCE), Telus Corp. (NYSE: TU; Toronto: T), and EastLink, a Canadian cable MSO.

GT Group Telecom uses WaveStart OLS DWDM gear from Lucent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: LU) to supply point-to-point wavelengths for CA*Net4. High-end ONS 15454 routers from Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) will feed IP links to the Lucent gear.

The Consumer Powered Network software will interact with the Cisco routers in CA*Net4, Canarie says.

CA*Net4 is similar to other state-subsidized research networks worldwide, including Internet2 in the U.S. and Europe's Dante net. Canarie upgrades Canada's research network by creating a new net every five years, upon getting a renewal of its funding.

The predecessor to CA*Net4, called CA*Net3, was funded with C$55 million in 1998 and built via a C$30 million contract with Bell Canada.

— Mary Jander, Senior Editor, Light Reading
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zweisel 12/4/2012 | 10:29:09 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project ... while our government killed the telecom industry with the Telecom Act of 1996, those hosers in the Great White North are taking a radical approach ... pass the beer, eh?
zweisel 12/4/2012 | 10:29:07 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project I love Canadians and especially Canadian beer. My wife is from Toronto (New York run by the Swiss).
bitnews 12/4/2012 | 10:29:07 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project I'm not sure calling us Hosers will fix your problems but I'm glad the canadian governement has many initiatives such as this. Another one is called connecting the regions launched in quebec, where the governement is building a fiber network to offer highspeed internet to all the small villages outside of the major urbain centers. If the fiber keeps going into the ground in canada someone like those guys at canarie will deploy/invent that killer app.....

btw I hope its not a canadian beer someone passed you thats like vodka for you americans :)!
dodo 12/4/2012 | 10:29:05 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project pamaker

instead of ranting against a country that enabled you to gain your doctoral degree inexpensively ( being at NRC), you should read more on what has been or being done in the country.

Currently, we have the cheapest DSL or high speed access service on the continent and even the kids up in the white great north have access to the Internet.

Looks like you have something against Tellabs- and that's your prerogative to bash them , But don't use this excuse to bash progress.

Wonder whether you have HSA wherever you are in the US and the amount you are paying on a monthly basis.
pamaker 12/4/2012 | 10:29:05 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project Okay you hosers,
Enough is enough! Will Canada become the grand-daughter of the internet? NOT. This is all hype and magic, there is no real funding out there. If there was the government would be propping up Nortel - it behooves them afterall, it sure beats them having to fork out all those $$ for ex-Nortel employees unemployment.
I left Canada in 1986 because I was tired of trying to do science with scotch tape and string (and I even was lucky enough to do my PhD research at NRC).
Has the situation changed? No, they are still trying to pretend to be doing the real thing. Just look at Tellabs Montreal. A bunch of EE's
pretending that they know optics and DWDM. Like they will succeed when the sh*t hits the fan wrt product quirks.
zweisel 12/4/2012 | 10:29:04 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project Pamaker - I love how you disrespect a great country that educated you well enough to move to where you want. Sound like you were let go by Tellabs in Montreal and it is obvious why.

If Canada is doing so bad in terms of technology, how come they are world leaders in areas such as telecommunications (Nortel), software (Softimage, Discreet Logic, Corel), Pharmaceuticals (BMS, Glaxo,Burrows-Welcome), aerospace (Bombardier), and much more.

You obviously have a short memory - given your comments, you need a retorfit there.

pamaker 12/4/2012 | 10:29:03 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project Nothing better than being a canadian with high
morals, eh? Half the companies you guys reference
are US owned. And no I don't work for Tellabs
Montreal, just feel very sorry for what they have
just gotten themselves into. Nothing like being
responsible for a project which some other people
have developed, but were too busy to document stuff.
Do I regret getting my education in Canada? Do
I regret having being an NSERC scholar? No way. And I am particularly insensed that you guys think
that I do not appreciate that. After postdocing in the US i did try to go back to Canada. But there a)wasn't much going on and b) what they could offer paled in comparison with what I was being offered in the US.
In retrospect, there really is not much difference between living in the US and in Canada. I have basically boiled it down to a very simple comparative: here-in
In the US you pay low taxes but live with the fact that the ordinary idiot can have a gun.
In Canada, you devote greater than 55% of your salary to taxes (gov and prov), but an ordinary idiot can't get a gun ... but that still don't stop them that carries them.
You guys sound so argumentative I have this impression that your chins are sticking further out than Brian Mulroony's!
barndooropen 12/4/2012 | 10:29:03 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project Dude,
American Beer vs. Canadian beer: the main reason for the difference in alcohol content is poor math skills. AC in the US is measured by weight, AC in Canada (and most of the rest of the world) is measured by volume. Molson, Labatts, and Mooshead are all just under 4% by weight, our beloved Budweiser (the king of beers) is about 3.75%,. Sorry, but the incoherent north-of-the-border rambling is not because the beer is more potent. :)
zweisel 12/4/2012 | 10:28:55 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project pamaker - now you are backtracking on your Canada slamming. Regardless of who owns the companies head office (they are owned by shareholders around the world) many brilliant Canadians work in them. I am American and proud of it but you slam your country of origin because of taxes? Shallow and simply wrong dude.
Belzebutt 12/4/2012 | 10:28:53 PM
re: Canada Bankrolls Provisioning Project Zweisel, you're not just saying this because your wife is reading over your shoolder, eh?
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