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SlideshowVMworld Photos: Lego Las Vegas!

Mitch Wagner 9/6/2017 | 4:27:01 PM
Re: Basic needs in the press room Go ahead and quote, Susan. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. And I hope you get your tea!
mhhfive 9/6/2017 | 3:23:55 PM
Re: Basic needs in the press room The world needs more Lego replicas of cool architecture, but I'm not so sure about the Vegas strip... which is it's own kind of meta-building. 


Mitch Wagner 9/6/2017 | 11:56:57 AM
Re: LegoWorld and questions The ice sculpture held up surprisingly well. 
Susan Fourtané 9/2/2017 | 2:42:20 AM
LegoWorld and questions Mitch, are you sure you didn’t get confused and went to LegoWorld instead of VMworld? Wasn’t there a generation that was particularly addicted to Lego? Perhaps they were the ones converting VMworld into a Lego playground? What was the resulting art work using VR at the beginning? Then I wondered about that ice sculpture. Was it slowly melting throughout the day? And finally: I like that breakfast!
Susan Fourtané 9/2/2017 | 2:34:17 AM
Basic needs in the press room Mitch, your photo reports are always memorable. I particularly liked this, which made me laugh so much: “Me, starting out my career: "It's 20 degrees and I can't feel my face but I'm thrilled because I'm a REAL JOURNALIST covering TRUE CRIME." Me, now: "This press room doesn't have soy milk for the coffee. I can't be expected to work under these conditions."” I need permission for using and quoting you. :) Yes, I loved it. I had a similar moment last year. Press room: no tea, only coffee. They promised me there will be tea this year. Did I make too much noise about it? :D
Ariella 9/1/2017 | 5:29:54 PM
Vegas I don't envy anyone who has to be out there in 106 degrees!
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