ECSite on being a 'born in the cloud' SaaS company

Launched out of stealth in 2019, ECSite is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) business disrupting the telecom infrastructure industry through automation. The technology is a SaaS-based app that deploys automation software that streamlines telecom infrastructure testing and management, ultimately increasing efficiency for installers and network owners, while modernizing the infrastructure industry with software. ECSite Founder and CEO Subbu Meiyappan, a serial entrepreneur, has been solving problems at scale in the wireless industry for many years, and with ECSite, he brings the "Silicon Valley Software Culture" and a fully API world to the testing and measurement business.

Learn more about ECSite: https://ecsiteapp.com
Schedule a demo of the ECSite App: https://ecsiteapp.com/schedule-a-demo/
Read more about ECSite's real world deployments: https://ecsiteapp.com/case-studies/
Download the ECSite Instrument Guide: https://ecsiteapp.com/instrument-guide/

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