SDN architectures

The SDN Business Case

The business case for SDN and NFV deployments will be a key topic of debate at the Ethernet & SDN Expo event Oct 2-3.

mplape 9/18/2013 | 10:32:50 PM
Re: NFV before SDN Your comment makes sense, Craig, in that NFV can't really work well without a centralized, seperate orchestration platform that can spin up bandwidth and dynamically switch/route traffic as needed across the WAN and DC, as virtual functions spin up (and down).  It seems to me that virtualized network functions could crater the WAN throughput if the pipe is not adaptable to to the functions' bandwidth demands.
sam masud 9/18/2013 | 12:16:03 PM
Re: It's behind you! Oh, and here I was thinking it was a boudoir.
sam masud 9/18/2013 | 12:09:47 PM
Re: NFV before SDN Could not agree more that although NFV does not need SDN, the two together as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. All these technologies are supposed to provide a capex reduction, but frankly I'm not entirely convinced that it will result in opex reduction in terms of the bigger picture.
Craig Matsumoto 9/18/2013 | 11:20:32 AM
NFV before SDN Ray - I think you're right, it's pretty clear NFV is the shorter-term game of the two.

NFV and SDN really are linked, though. I think the benefits of NFV get better realized if SDN comes around as well. If NFV does nothing but save the carriers some capex, I doubt they'll complain, but the SDN part is where they'll (theoretically) see the opex advantages.

Someone needs to build network equipment that has that wallpaper design on it. Talk about branding ...
[email protected] 9/18/2013 | 11:00:07 AM
This MUST be debated at #ESDN.... I know there will be plenty of chat about SDN and NFV tech capabilities and applicability at Ethernet & SDN Expo, but all of us there must make sure that the operational and financial case for deployment is discussed - not just whether it mihgt save money but whether it will fit into any customer request models or lead to service/application offerings that can be more profitable than current models, especially in a market where customers always want more for less.
[email protected] 9/18/2013 | 10:55:41 AM
Re: It's behind you! That's the room where I do my Freudian psychometric testing experiments....
PaulERainford 9/18/2013 | 6:51:45 AM
It's behind you! Interesting points, Ray, but shocking wallpaper.
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