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MAYNARD, Mass. -- Proxilliant Systems Corp., which offers intelligent solutions essential to achieving the highest levels of reliability and profitability of cable networks, recently completed a highly successful pilot of its Cable Access Management System with Buford Media that has convinced the cable operator to deploy the solution throughout its systems in advance of VoIP rollouts.

Proxilliant’s Cable Access Management System (CAMS) is an integrated hardware and software solution for proactive, Cable-based advanced service health management. It provides comprehensive information about network and service performance necessary as cable operators look to profitably deliver VoIP and Commercial Services broadly and deeply throughout their networks. CAMS features intelligence deployed deep into the access network that works in concert with sophisticated software in the regional head-end or central data center. This deep intelligence allows operators to dramatically reduce their field and network troubleshooting time and costs with precise issue identification and resolution.

The CAMS solution consists of two core product components: the CAMS Service Health Manager and the CAMS Intelligent Access Controller. With coordinated management of Intelligent Access Controllers (IACs) deployed widely throughout the HFC plant together with the CAMS Service Health Manager software, CAMS incorporates intelligent management of real-time monitoring of critical fault and performance indicators, correlation of RF, IP and QoE level information, including continuous path and upstream ingress monitoring and analysis. It features the industry’s only managed ingress suppression technology, Proxillliant’s patented Dynamic Ingress BlockingTM technology.

In Buford’s Greenbrier, Ark. system, the CAMS System has permanently reduced the carrier-to-noise level by 12-15 dB and the expected reclaimed upstream headroom will enable the network’s transition from QPSK to 16 QAM—an effective doubling of upstream bandwidth capacity. With IACs deployed deep in the network and working in concert with the Service Health Manager, CAMS also made troubleshooting dramatically easier and faster, enabling the service team to isolate problems to a small cluster of homes—as compared to a node—and to focus resources on resolving issues quickly.

“Proxilliant’s solution has enabled our network to show what it is truly capable of—the highest levels of reliability and performance, especially important as we begin deploying VoIP,” said Buford Chief Engineer Dennis Krumblis. “Beyond the clear benefits of having more upstream capacity to leverage, we now have a real-time, deep and precise view into our network that truly improves our troubleshooting economics, particularly in an area where truck rolls translate into many miles and minutes. By remotely analyzing foreign signals in our return paths and narrowing down where we need to dispatch a technician, we are experiencing tremendous time savings. In addition, we can prevent further system degradation sooner than before by being able to remotely turn off offending branches of the network. Overall, the pilot area performed consistently and reliably at a much higher level than before the CAMS system was installed.”

Proxilliant Systems Corp.

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