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SlideshowHow Boingo's Dawn Callahan Swallowed Fear & Tasted Success

Dawn Callahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Boingo
Dawn Callahan, Chief Marketing Officer, Boingo

Kelsey Ziser 2/2/2017 | 11:36:38 AM
Re: Join Dawn & WiC in Austin in May!! @Sarah Enjoyed reading Dawn's story, and I agree, a lot of great advice to glean here. Was helpful to see that she and the women around her acknowledged they were terrified but also identified their strengths and found ways to leverage those strengths. I don't have her height, but I've found a firm handshake, eye contact, and a bit of humor can go a long way in starting off on the right foot in networking and other business settings.

Was also interesting to hear how Dawn navigates the hiring process -- sounds like she has a creative and effective approach to making sure she's drawing from the right pool of candidates.
Sarah Thomas 1/31/2017 | 10:47:01 AM
Join Dawn & WiC in Austin in May!! Loved hearing Dawn's story and great, applicable advice to take risks and not be confined to the mindset of "this is my job; I do 'xyz.'" And, of course, it's great to see a woman at the top paying it forward and helping others be successful in their careers as well.

We are thrilled to have Dawn joining us for WIC at BCE in Austin on May 15. She will be speaking on our Women in the C-Suite service provider panel: https://tmt.knect365.com/big-communications-event/agenda/1#panel-2-the-service-provider-point-of-view

Hope you all will register and join us there!
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