10 Things From NXTcomm

7:00 AM -- Here are 10 things I learned last week at NXTcomm 2008:

  • Two floors are better than one. Why keep the whole show in one place when you can add the dramatic effect of stairs, distance, and missed appointments by dividing the floor in two?

  • Hydration matters. In the NXTcomm press room, and outside heading to the buses, free bottles of water were abundant. On behalf of all the warm-blooded mammals at the show, I definitely appreciated that liberal use of free bottled water.

  • Two shows are better than one. Did anyone go to InfoComm that wasn't lost or looking for a bathroom?

  • With keynotes, timing is everything. Having the producer of Survivor speak on the last day of the show was a nice reminder that we were engaged in a test of endurance.

    As an aside: Thanks for making us walk all the way around the outside of the show floor just to get to the keynotes each morning. We get the message loud and clear: You really want us to stay at the hotel pool and read the Show Daily. Point taken.

  • In Las Vegas, you can actually rent women and paint logos on them.

  • High gas prices are a great thing for telecom. Really. Watch:

  • The carriers most excited about delivering TV services are the same carriers funding those services with all the cash their wireless networks are throwing off. The wireline-only carriers can't make a business out of IPTV. Watch:

  • The industry needs more communications-related trade shows. Clearly, there's still plenty to say after CES, CTIA, OFC/NFOEC, The Cable Show, Mobile World Congress, and CeBIT -- which all happen before June.

  • The show's WiFi network was really fast. I only point that out because it is hard to find a good connection at any convention these days. Seriously. Was anyone else using the network last week?

  • Longer is better. Why stop at just four days? Why not make NXTcomm 2009 a week-long celebration in an even more remote part of the desert? It could be like Burning Man, but with routers.

What did you learn?

— Phil Harvey, Editor, Light Reading

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