Blue Sky Announces EDFA Pumps

SAN JOSE, Calif. -- Blue Sky Research, a privately held developer and manufacturer of high-performance, cost-effective optical network components, today announced the preliminary release of its 980nm Laser Pump Module for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs). Designed for DWDM-based optical networks, the Pump Module incorporates the company’s patented mLens™ (microlens) technology to produce a high power output while using a unique TO-can packaging. Additionally, and perhaps of the most interest, the mLens™ design facilitates high coupling efficiencies while attaining high manufacturing yields, resulting in performance-cost breakthroughs. The company estimates that the price of EDFAs based on the Blue Sky Research Pump Module can be under a thousand dollars in production quantities. This also makes the Blue Sky Research pump an excellent 980 nm source for production of low-cost, single-channel “amplette” EDFA optical amplifiers.

“Blue Sky Research’s unique microlens technology enables us to produce our EDFA Pump Module with performance and cost second-to-none, allowing us to pass on the saving to our customers,” said Dan Hu, president and CEO of Blue Sky Research. “This paradigm shift will spur many exciting new applications.”

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