Podcast: Telcos could lead by example, says BT Global's Hriday Ravindranath

BT Global's Chief Technology and Information Officer Hriday Ravindranath joins the podcast to discuss how telcos like BT, which are already in the process of becoming more automated businesses, are adapting to sudden changes in network traffic patterns during the pandemic.

He also discusses how the current health crisis is going to give way to a long-lasting economic crisis and, against that backdrop, helping businesses automate processes, become more efficient and operate in a more socially responsible way.

Ravindranath said that telcos have been broadly resilient to the COVID-19 crisis and, given that status, "we need to be able to do our bit to ensure that we're doing good for society. I think that's another really important part that telcos can play in this world."

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Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

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