Light Reading
The New Growth Markets for Policy – Vertical Use Cases and Agile Architecture​s
Date: 4/22/2015 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London
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Today, more than ever, service providers worldwide must find ways to capitalize on the exponential growth of mobile data and devices. According to the Cisco 2015 Visual Networking Index, by 2019, there will be 11.5 billion mobile-ready devices and connections, more than 4 billion more than there were in 2014.

The most nimble operators will find new revenue opportunities through innovative business models that address newly emerging markets with new services. With an elastic policy architecture, these operators can create new services for the traditional consumer market and open new opportunities in non-traditional verticals, such as Connected Car, Internet of Everything, Voice over LTE/Voice over WiFi and others.

Attendees to the webinar will learn:

  • What survey results from Heavy Reading tell us about the changing demands of policy in today's mobile market
  • How the new virtualized policy architecture can create new opportunities for service providers
  • How service providers worldwide can grow their revenue by better addressing new vertical markets
Thinking Outside the White Box
Date: 4/28/2015 2:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM London
Dell & Pica8
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In a recent interview with Light Reading, John Chambers told us that he expects Cisco's principal competition in the future to come from "white box" solutions -- that is, open source software running on generic server and switch hardware, rather than the proprietary solutions from incumbent equipment providers.

That's an extraordinary prediction -- one that foretells an open source future where the current communications industry order has been totally overturned, and service providers, enterprises and others slash network costs by sourcing low-cost hardware and software, rather than doubling down on today's much more pricey and proprietary solutions.

The path to this white box world is complicated. In the past, the white box approach was only considered viable for enterprise networks, data centers and in rare instances, the very edge of service provider networks. The latest iterations reach across vast swathes of wide area networks, right up to the carrier core, and the closer service providers get to an end-to-end white box "white wash," the higher the stakes become.

To create a successful white box migration strategy, service providers are going to need lots of help -- from software developers who are creating operating systems that allow them to support sophisticated analytics and security, and from expert system integrators who can take over the handholding and advisory role that was formerly provided by incumbent equipment giants.

In this extraordinary one-off Super Webinar event, Light Reading Founder Steve Saunders drills into the opportunities presented by white box networks with help from an expert panel comprising speakers from every link of the white box supply chain, including a component manufacturer, a switch maker, a software company, a system integrator and a service provider.

Achieving Operational Excellence for Communications Service Providers
Date: 4/30/2015 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London
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In today’s dynamically competitive markets, CSPs are facing many challenges, including the need for ongoing and effective cost management, innovation and agility enabling new revenues and improved customer services. Many are finding that legacy technology systems simply do not serve new and emerging business needs and that radical change or transformation is required as a business imperative. Such levels of change impact many parts of the business. Systems transformation is not merely about IT systems; it must be tackled as a broad business- and technology-focused program serving the needs of all key stakeholders. Compounding this complexity, many CSPs are wary of large-scale transformation, given industry precedent with many large programs overrunning on budget, scope and schedule.

In this Webinar, Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Roz Roseboro and Oracle Sr. Practice Director, Strategy Consulting Cameron Moghaddam will discuss an approach and overall framework for carrying out operational excellence projects. They will also discuss the importance and relevance of an independent view of a service provider’s operations and technical capabilities and the key factors to consider in order to execute large scale projects.

How Control Plane Consolidation Enables Service Agility
Date: 5/12/2015 10:00 AM New York / 3:00 PM London
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The control plane has emerged as a strategic area of focus for network operators given its crucial role in the delivery of New IP services. While recent talk of 5G has captured attention, the reality remains many network operators are still transitioning to 4G from 3G from 2G. The commercialization of SDN and NFV are also driving profound changes on the control plane. Deciding how and when to consolidate and virtualize functions in the control plane to ease this migration and support the latest IP services is not an easy task.

In this webinar, industry experts from Heavy Reading and NetNumber will examine the role of the control plane in enabling service agility and the technical and business drives for control plane consolidation and virtualization. Attendees will learn how a centralized signaling and routing control platform can support the seamless consolidation of control plane functions, and ensure the network operator is well prepared to deliver the latest services today and in the future.

Next-Generation Platforms for Telecom Cloud Services
Date: 5/20/2015 11:00 AM New York / 4:00 PM London
Advantech & 6WIND
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Telecom services are shifting to a cloud infrastructure, in which new services can be rapidly provisioned by deploying virtual network functions (VNFs) instead of physical boxes. This dramatically reduces the operating cost of carrier networks and allows carriers to invest in new infrastructure as revenue grows. The challenge in deploying telecom cloud services is to build a common software and hardware infrastructure that delivers the performance and flexibility required at different physical locations in the network. This can be best achieved using scalable solutions developed specifically for NFV and SDN in data centers, central offices and remote locations.

This webinar explores the benefits of deploying a telecom cloud infrastructure for both carriers and their customers. It examines the changes required in modular platform development and the software acceleration framework needed to meet the demands of a variety of virtualized environments and introduces a new approach that uses a flexible processor module and software environment across multiple systems, including enterprise appliance platforms, carrier-grade servers and top-of-rack switches. This new approach brings together the benefits of standard servers, high-speed switches and ATCA-like carrier-grade availability under a common software platform employing virtual acceleration and high performance software appliances available for bare metal and virtual machine deployments.

Making Multiscreen Magic for Independent Cable Operators
Date: 5/21/2015 2:00 PM ET/ 7:00 PM London
ARRIS, Harmonic, & JDSU
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While most larger cable operators already have a TV Everywhere strategy in place, multiscreen video is more problematic for small to midsized operators. Unlike the big MSOs, independent cable operators often don’t have the content rights deals, distribution reach or financial resources to deliver video to multiple screens effectively and efficiently on their own. In this Webinar, we will explore the strategies that independent cable operators can employ to overcome such obstacles and compete in the emerging multiscreen environment.

Data Hypergrowth: Challenges, Opportunities and Monetization Strategies
Date: 5/26/2015 12:00 p.m. New York/ 5:00 p.m. London
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The data explosion consumption curve is not just a 2020 problem, it's happening right now.

This reality means that CSPs must immediately address a number of outstanding challenges, including rationalizing the business case to build robust, high-capacity data networks (e.g., LTE/5G) as data revenue growth continues to fall behind the data consumption growth. Still, despite the challenges, CSPs need to move ahead given the competitive landscape continues to become more aggressive and complex as well.

Join us as Heavy Reading's Senior Analyst, Jim Hodges, and Redknee’s VP of Marketing, Chris Newton-Smith, discuss data monetization strategies that will differentiate you from the competition. Learn which pitfalls to avoid early on, and how investing in the right partner now will open the door beyond mobility and help you ride ahead of the IoT wave.

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From The Founder
The Swedish vendor has undergone a significant transformation during the past few years, adjusting to the demands of next-generation communications companies.
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Satoshi Nagata, chairman of the 3GPP's TSG-RAN group and a manager at NTT Docomo, explains the standardization process for 5G, as well as the biggest challenges and opportunities.
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AlcaLu CTO Makes the Case for a New 5G Air Interface

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Michael Peeters, CTO of wireless at Alcatel-Lucent, explains why 5G will require a new air interface to meet its diverse performance targets.
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AlcaLu + Nokia: The New Uber-Vendor

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Heavy Reading Senior Analyst Gabriel Brown discusses the technological and competitive opportunities and challenges if a merger between Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia comes to pass.
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Huawei's Data Center Power Play

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Huawei has developed industry-leading energy efficiency capabilities for its indoor and outdoor data center solutions, explains Dr. Fang Liangzhou, vice president of Huawei's Network Energy product Line.
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Huawei’s Routers, Switches Get the Green Mark

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TUV Rheinland's Frank Dudley explains how Huawei's routers and switches have been successfully tested by energy efficiency experts and have gained Green Mark Certification.
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A Finn, a Frenchman & a Guy From New Jersey Walk Into a Merger...

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Stop us if you've heard this one before... Light Reading CEO Founder & CEO Steve Saunders weighs in on the technical and cultural implications of a Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent merger.
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Accounting for Better Solutions

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Murad Yousuf, CTO at Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Finance (Dept. of Zakat & Income Tax), talks about the benefits of deploying router technology from Huawei.
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What's in Store for Huawei & DataCore?

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At the CeBIT trade show in Hannover, Germany, George Teixeira, CEO of software-defined storage (SDS) specialist DataCore Software, explains why he has just signed a partnership agreement with Huawei Technologies.
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Du Puts Its Faith in Huawei's Routers

4|9|15   |   3:42   |   (0) comments

Adnan Masood, director of Enterprise MS Solutions Marketing at du, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) operator also known as Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, explains why his company chose to use Huawei's multifunctional AR routers as part of its managed enterprise services.
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Huawei Gets Active in the Data Center

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With enterprise users looking to maximize the use of their data center assets, Huawei’s Chief Architect & Technical Director of IT Data Center Solutions, Bruce Su, explains how the company's six-layer active-active data center solution is eradicating the need to deploy passive, redundant data center assets.
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Blue Consult & Huawei for a Better Solution

4|8|15   |   4:01   |   (0) comments

Martin Rott, CEO, and Marc Metzler, head of sales virtualization, from Germany's Blue Consult discuss their collaboration with Huawei and TrendMicro to develop a secure, scalable IT platform that can meet the needs of the most demanding enterprise users.
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Beach Petroleum on eLTE & Mining

4|8|15   |   3:09   |   (0) comments

Network systems integrator Jeremy Hamlyn explains how Huawei's secure packet-based trunking communications system, eLTE, can help remote communities and companies in the mining, oil and gas sectors, deploy efficient communications networks that are perfect for video and data as well as voice.
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