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Jason Meyers Cleveland Businesses to Get Fat Pipe
Jason Meyers  
11/21/2014   2 comments
Thanks to a federal grant and municipal funding, Cleveland-based companies could soon be doing business over a 100Gbit/s network that will be built by public/private partnership.
Ray Le Maistre Hey US! Here Comes Tech Mahindra
Ray Le Maistre  
11/21/2014   1 Comment
Many people know the name Tech Mahindra and mainly think of it as one of a handful of major IT and business processing outsourcing companies in India.
Mari Silbey Last Chapter (11) for Aereo
Mari Silbey  
11/21/2014   2 comments
Aereo has finally hit the skids.
Dennis Mendyk Do You Have a 2020 Vision?
Dennis Mendyk  
11/21/2014   9 comments
In a couple of weeks, Light Reading will be holding the first in a brand new series of executive summits, 2020 Vision, where telecom industry thought leaders will huddle to ponder the key business and technology issues facing them during the next five years.
Paul Rainford Eurobites: Telecom Italia Close to Towers Sale
Paul Rainford  
11/21/2014   4 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: Cable & Wireless & UK spooks; Nokia's traffic jam-buster; Scilly Isles get fibered up.
Robert Clark Huawei Targets 4.5G Mobile by 2016
Robert Clark  
11/21/2014   2 comments
Huawei is promising a "4.5G" mobile networking solution by 2016 that will deliver more than 1 Gbit/s in throughput with 10 milliseconds latency.
Ken Wieland Intel Chief Defends Huge Mobile Losses
Ken Wieland  
11/21/2014   2 comments
SANTA CLARA -- Intel Annual Investor Meeting -- Intel CEO Brian Krzanich was forced to defend his company's mobile market chip strategy Thursday as he told investors and analysts that the US chip giant was on track to beat its aggressive target of shipping 40 million tablet chips by the end of the year, up from 10 million in 2013.
Sarah Reedy $38.3M: Ain't That a Kik in the SMS
Sarah Reedy  
11/20/2014   17 comments
Kik, aka the Western WeChat or the WhatsApp for teens, revealed this week that it has raised $38.3 million in funding and acquired a GIF-generation startup, Relay.
Carol Wilson OIF Advancing Transport SDN Agreements
Carol Wilson  
After successfully demonstrating Global Transport SDN, the Optical Internetworking Forum is starting an effort to develop implementation agreements for the interfaces used in that demo to link applications to an SDN controller. The move will address issues revealed in the demo about gaps in definitions for how user applications interact with the underlying transport network resources. (See OIF Launches SDN Implementation Project.)
Mari Silbey Xfinity Home App Now On Comcast's X1 TV
Mari Silbey  
11/20/2014   1 Comment
If checking camera feeds and thermostat settings from the TV is your thing, Comcast has you covered. Following a wave of business services news announcements, the cable company gave a nod to residential customers this week with news that the Xfinity Home app is now available on the TV screen for X1 subscribers. (See also Comcast Takes Ethernet Everywhere.)
Carol Wilson Google, AT&T, BT Unite on Network Data Models
Carol Wilson  
11/20/2014   7 comments
An initial informal collaboration of two web giants, Google and Microsoft, along with major telecom players AT&T and BT, has produced a key network data model for next-generation packet networks, starting with a specifications for BGP (border gateway protocol), which plays an essential role in routing traffic across IP networks.
Tom Homer IaaS: The Telco Tool for Business Growth
Tom Homer  
11/20/2014   5 comments
During the next few years, it is likely that your enterprise customers will be managing multiple cloud stacks across various departments and ultimately pursuing a mandate to integrate across cloud providers. In many cases, they will look to their established relationships for help with this "sourcing" challenge.
Dan O'Shea Calient Controller Aims to Tame 'Elephant' Flows
Dan O'Shea  
Optical circuit switch maker Calient Technologies is pushing further into the SDN realm, having announced this week an OpenDaylight-based controller that allows data center operators to reconfigure extremely large data transfers -- so-called 'elephant' flows -- from packet to optical circuit switching.
Paul Rainford Eurobites: Telefónica Hooks Up to Equinix
Paul Rainford  
11/20/2014   2 comments
Also in today's EMEA regional roundup: AlcaLu takes to the skies; Ericsson trials WiFi in Turkey; Vodafone fears cost of TV content.
Mitch Wagner Verizon Advances SDN Strategy With Bare-Metal Bet
Mitch Wagner  
11/20/2014   3 comments
Verizon is taking its SDN strategy to the next level with a major push towards the deployment of bare-metal switches in its next-generation networking architecture, according to multiple sources.
Dan Jones Altiostar's C-RAN Steps Into the Light, Junks Dark Fiber
Dan Jones  
11/20/2014   1 Comment
Cisco-backed startup Altiostar has unveiled a virtualized Cloud-RAN system that it claims will be more scalable and much cheaper to deploy than alternative systems because it uses Ethernet rather than dark fiber for "fronthaul" connectivity. (See What the [Bleep] Is Fronthaul?)
Sarah Reedy IoT Analytics Still Uncharted Territory
Sarah Reedy  
11/20/2014   2 comments
Wireless operators are gung ho about the potential for machine-to-machine communications, but they have yet to make progress with an analytical strategy for the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT).
Jason Meyers Unearthing a Gigabit Economy in Wyoming
Jason Meyers  
11/19/2014   3 comments
Silver Star Communications takes the concept of economic development seriously when it comes to its gigabit network deployment in Wyoming: The company believes gigabit-level broadband availability will help forge an entirely new economic sector in the state.
Mari Silbey Comcast Takes Ethernet Everywhere
Mari Silbey  
11/19/2014   2 comments
WASHINGTON, DC -- Global Ethernet Networking 2014 (GEN14) -- Forget TV Everywhere; Comcast is aiming at Ethernet Everywhere.
Carol Wilson RAD Pushes Distributed NFV Forward
Carol Wilson  
A year into its experience in pioneering Distributed NFV with virtualization at the customer premises, RAD is finding that real deployments of this new technology are possible, but there is still considerable work to be done on the business case and supporting orchestration efforts.
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