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  • 2017 Platinum Winner for Non-Profit Category: The New IP Agency

  • 2017 Gold Winner for B to B: Light Reading & Huawei's Telco Transformation

  • 2016 Folio Awards - Corporate Catalyst

  • 2016 Best of Web Award Winner – Telecommunication Standard of Excellence: Light Reading & Huawei’s Telco Transformation

  • 2016 Eddie & Ozzie Awards Honorable Mention: Light Reading's Upskill U

  • 2016 Eddie & Ozzie Awards Honorable Mention: Virtuapedia

  • 2016 Min's Edit and Design Awards Honorable Mention: Light Reading's Coverage of Cisco's Independent Tests

  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Platinum Winner for Heavy Reading’s Ultra Broadband Survey Video Results Video Infographic

  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Gold Winner for the Virtuapedia

  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Honorable Mention for Case Study: Wi-Fi Soccer Stadium

  • 2015 Web Awards Telecommunications Standard of Excellence, The New IP

  • 2015 Videographer Awards Gold Winner: Envisioning the 2020 Telecom Landscape- Survey Results Visualized

  • 2015 Eddie Awards Honorable Mention for Between the CEOs

  • 2015 Min Editoral & Design Awards Winner for Best Online Column: 'Between the CEOs'

  • Folio 2015 Fame Awards Winner for Best First-Time Event: Light Reading's Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Web Awards Winner for Telecommunications Standard of Excellence

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Best Website: 2020 Vision Executive Summit

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Best Brochure/Sales Promotion: 2020 Vision Executive Summit Sales Promotion

  • 2014 Platinum Marcom Award for Best Website Element/Infographic: Addressing Security Changes with LTE Infographic

  • 2014 Honorable Mention Marcom Award for Best Design Print/Program Guide: Light Reading's Big Telecom Event Pocket Guide

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Design Web/Website Redesign: Light Reading's Redesign

  • 2014 Platinum Marcom Award for Best Website/Business to Business: The New IP

  • 2014 Honorable Mention Marcom Award for Best Web Video (Other): Wartoad – Behind the Music

  • 2014 Folio 100 Honorees Dynamic Disruptor Award: Stephen Saunders

  • 2014 Folio Women in Media Rising Star Award: Julie Muroff

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Distinction for Best Viral Video (Entertainment)

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Distinction for Best Video (Entertainment)

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Excellence for Best Viral Video (Company)

  • 2014 Videographer Award Honorable Mention for Marketing Video (Service)

  • 2014 Min’s Integrated Marketing Award Honorable Mention for Huawei’s Video Resource Center on Light Reading

  • 2014 Ava Digital Platinum Award Winner for Best Business to Business Website

  • 2014 Telly Award Bronze Winner for Best Online Video (Entertainment): Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Telly Award Bronze Winner for Best Branded Content Viral Video: Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award Winner for Best Telecommunication Online Campaign: Huawei's Video Resource on Light Reading

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Winner for Best Web Element: Heavy Reading Infographic - Operator Obstacles

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Homepage Website Element: Light Reading's Homepage

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best Website Design: Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best Entertainment Video: Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best T-Shirt: Light Reading’s Relaunch T-Shirt

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Technical & Technology Writing: Light Reading Blog - Light Reading Unveils California’s Hottest SDN Startup

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Redesign: Light Reading’s Redesign

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Identity & Graphic Standards: Light Reading’s Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Min’s Digital Awards: Honorable Mention for Best Relaunch

  • From The Founder
    Cisco's Conrad Clemson, recently promoted to head up the company's Service Provider Apps & Platforms developments, talks to Light Reading's Founder and CEO Steve Saunders about how he's bringing cloud video, mobile and virtualization together to empower network operators.
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    Live Streaming Video
    Charting the CSP's Future
    Six different communications service providers join to debate their visions of the future CSP, following a landmark presentation from AT&T on its massive virtualization efforts and a look back on where the telecom industry has been and where it's going from two industry veterans.
    LRTV Custom TV
    Introducing OrbTV: Netscout's MWC Day 1 Recap

    2|27|17   |   8:35   |   (0) comments

    The executive team of Netscout reviews the first day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Stay tuned for OrbTV -- Light Reading and Netscout's full coverage of the show. We'll have daily show recaps, service provider interviews and tours of the show floor.
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    Innovation at MWC: Low-Power IoT for Scottish Sea Lions

    2|27|17   |   6:32   |   (0) comments

    Light Reading's Liz Coyne tours the GSMA's Innovation City at Mobile World Congress 2017. A key theme of this year's event is how low-power or no-power IoT devices could become a part of our everyday lives. Imagine a world in which over 15 billion shipping pallets communicate with cellular networks down the entire supply chain. Or a parka that reveals your ...
    LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
    Huawei Will Accelerate the Spread of the Video Business

    2|27|17   |     |   (0) comments

    What is the future of the booming video business? What changes will happen to the video industry chain in the future? Hunter Hu, VP of Huawei Video Product Line, shares his viewpoints and explains how Huawei can be an enabler and accelerate the spread of the video business.
    LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
    Frost & Sullivan's Jonas Zelba on Going Beyond Connectivity

    2|27|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Telecom operators across the globe are trying to understand what can they offer beyond connectivity. Operators are already introducing new and innovative services but they are faced with challenges due to unclear business models. Jonas highlights that no one operator can offer all the services itself. Operators in the Middle East should look within their ecosystem ...
    LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
    IDC's Paul Black on Cloudification

    2|27|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Paul Black from IDC shares his insights on how cloudification is expected to combile all aspects of digital transformation.
    LRTV Huawei Video Resource Center
    Industry Expert Michael Howard Talks About Cloud Native

    2|27|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Cloud Native is a really nice term and a lot of people are using it. But most of them have their own definition of what Cloud Native means. Michael Howard offers his take on the terminology.
    LRTV Custom TV
    4.5G Evolution: Peter Zhou on Advanced MIMO Technologies & 5G Business Prep

    2|25|17   |     |   (0) comments

    In the process of service transformation, operators need to catch three major opportunities and start deploying in 4.5G networks, such as video, household broadband access and digital transformation of vertical industries. 5G is coming. Operators don't need to wait for it to happen but should progressively deploy 4.5G networks by introducing 5G-oriented ...
    LRTV Custom TV
    What WTTX Can Deliver

    2|23|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Mohamed Madkour explains the benefits of WTTX while Dimitris Mavrakis discusses the challenges of delivering home broadband access.
    LRTV Custom TV
    Huawei on Mobile Broadband

    2|23|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Mohamed Madkour shares his vision on MBB for the next three years.
    LRTV Custom TV
    Analysys Mason Talks About the Future of Digital Operations

    2|23|17   |     |   (0) comments

    The future of digital operations has three key aspects: 1. Highly automated operations for both service and network; 2. Highly converged BSS/OSS for business and resources; 3. Highly merged management and control for real-time cloud native operations.
    LRTV Interviews
    Software Trends in the Telecom Sector

    2|23|17   |   03:40   |   (0) comments

    Heavy Reading senior analyst James Crawshaw talks with Telecoms.com Editorial Director Scott Bicheno about trends and developments in the telecoms software sector and what to expect at MWC 2017.
    LRTV Custom TV
    Huawei's Pre-MWC Analyst Briefing 2017 Highlights

    2|22|17   |     |   (0) comments

    Huawei shares its vision for this year's MWC.
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    With the mobile ecosystem becoming increasingly vulnerable to security threats, AdaptiveMobile has laid out some of the key considerations for the wireless community.
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    Light Reading founder and CEO Steve Saunders chats with Sportlogiq CEO Craig Buntin about sports data analysis.
    Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox Technologies, speaks to Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, for an exclusive interview about the 100 GB cable challenge, cybersecurity and much more.
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    Playing it safe can only get you so far. Sometimes the biggest bets have the biggest payouts, and that is true in your career as well. For this radio show, Caroline Chan, general manager of the 5G Infrastructure Division of the Network Platform Group at Intel, will share her own personal story of how she successfully took big bets to build a successful career, as well as offer advice on how you can do the same. We’ll cover everything from how to overcome fear and manage risk, how to be prepared for where technology is going in the future and how to structure your career in a way to ensure you keep progressing. Chan, a seasoned telecom veteran and effective risk taker herself, will also leave plenty of time to answer all your questions live on the air.