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  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Platinum Winner for Heavy Readingís Ultra Broadband Survey Video Results Video Infographic

  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Gold Winner for the Virtuapedia

  • 2016 Ava Digital Awards Honorable Mention for Case Study: Wi-Fi Soccer Stadium

  • 2015 Web Awards Telecommunications Standard of Excellence, The New IP

  • 2015 Videographer Awards Gold Winner: Envisioning the 2020 Telecom Landscape- Survey Results Visualized

  • 2015 Eddie Awards Honorable Mention for Between the CEOs

  • 2015 Min Editoral & Design Awards Winner for Best Online Column: 'Between the CEOs'

  • Folio 2015 Fame Awards Winner for Best First-Time Event: Light Reading's Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Web Awards Winner for Telecommunications Standard of Excellence

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Best Website: 2020 Vision Executive Summit

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Best Brochure/Sales Promotion: 2020 Vision Executive Summit Sales Promotion

  • 2014 Platinum Marcom Award for Best Website Element/Infographic: Addressing Security Changes with LTE Infographic

  • 2014 Honorable Mention Marcom Award for Best Design Print/Program Guide: Light Reading's Big Telecom Event Pocket Guide

  • 2014 Gold Marcom Award for Design Web/Website Redesign: Light Reading's Redesign

  • 2014 Platinum Marcom Award for Best Website/Business to Business: The New IP

  • 2014 Honorable Mention Marcom Award for Best Web Video (Other): Wartoad Ė Behind the Music

  • 2014 Folio 100 Honorees Dynamic Disruptor Award: Stephen Saunders

  • 2014 Folio Women in Media Rising Star Award: Julie Muroff

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Distinction for Best Viral Video (Entertainment)

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Distinction for Best Video (Entertainment)

  • 2014 Videographer Award of Excellence for Best Viral Video (Company)

  • 2014 Videographer Award Honorable Mention for Marketing Video (Service)

  • 2014 Minís Integrated Marketing Award Honorable Mention for Huaweiís Video Resource Center on Light Reading

  • 2014 Ava Digital Platinum Award Winner for Best Business to Business Website

  • 2014 Telly Award Bronze Winner for Best Online Video (Entertainment): Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Telly Award Bronze Winner for Best Branded Content Viral Video: Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Internet Advertising Competition Award Winner for Best Telecommunication Online Campaign: Huawei's Video Resource on Light Reading

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Platinum Winner for Best Web Element: Heavy Reading Infographic - Operator Obstacles

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Homepage Website Element: Light Reading's Homepage

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best Website Design: Light Readingís Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best Entertainment Video: Light Reading - The Movie

  • 2014 Hermes Creative Awards Gold Winner for Best T-Shirt: Light Readingís Relaunch T-Shirt

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Technical & Technology Writing: Light Reading Blog - Light Reading Unveils Californiaís Hottest SDN Startup

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Redesign: Light Readingís Redesign

  • 2014 Apex Award of Excellence for Identity & Graphic Standards: Light Readingís Big Telecom Event

  • 2014 Minís Digital Awards: Honorable Mention for Best Relaunch

  • From The Founder
    Light Reading today starts a new voyage as part of a larger Enterprise.
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    Live Streaming Video
    Charting the CSP's Future
    Six different communications service providers join to debate their visions of the future CSP, following a landmark presentation from AT&T on its massive virtualization efforts and a look back on where the telecom industry has been and where it's going from two industry veterans.
    LRTV Interviews
    Cox Clears $2B in Business Revenue

    12|8|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Cox's Jeff Breaux discusses how the third-largest US MSO will reach the $2 billion revenue mark this year and plans to hit $3 billion by 2021
    LRTV Interviews
    Can Cable Climb Upmarket?

    12|7|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Carol Wilson and Alan Breznick assess cable's prospects for winning more enterprises in a landscape rocked by corporate M&A activity.
    Women in Comms Introduction Videos
    TalkTalk Exec: Find Your North Star at Work

    12|7|16   |   3:38   |   (1) comment

    Women need to find their purpose, a professional North Star, and create a personal board for themselves, according to Alex Tempest, director of partners at TalkTalk Business.
    LRTV Interviews
    Verizon: Beware Unknown Unknowns

    12|7|16   |   04:58   |   (0) comments

    Chris Novak, director of the Verizon Enterprise Solutions Risk Team, explains that enterprises who don't conduct a thorough audit of their assets often leave some things unprotected because they don't know they exist. Many times these unprotected assets are part of corporate M&A activity but left unshielded they can become a hacker's playground, he tells Light ...
    LRTV Interviews
    ETSI's CTO Talks NFV, 5G & NGP

    12|5|16   |   09:45   |   (0) comments

    Adrian Scrase, CTO at standards body ETSI, talks about the various initiatives and specifications developments related to NFV, 5G and NGP (next-generation protocols) that will underpin next-gen networks.
    Women in Comms Introduction Videos
    Korn Ferry Consultant: How to Find, Cultivate & Be the Best Talent

    11|30|16   |   4:10   |   (2) comments

    Erin Callaghan, a managing consultant for Korn Ferry Futurestep, shares strategies for companies to improve how they recruit and for women to ensure they don't get lost in the pipeline.
    LRTV Custom TV
    We Can Make the World More Sustainable

    11|29|16   |     |   (0) comments

    GeSI is a global e-Sustainability Initiative organization bringing together 40 big multinational companies around the world. According to GeSI's report, information and communication technology can make the world more sustainable. Luis Neves, chairman of GeSI, shared with us his opinion at Ultra-broadband Forum (UBBF2016).
    LRTV Custom TV
    Finding a New Way to Engage Customers & Drive Revenue

    11|29|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Mobile revenues are declining. Digicel, a player in the Caribbean telecommunications/entertainment space, has found a new way to engage customers and drive revenue. John Quinn, CTO of Digicel, shared with us its story at Ultra-broadband Forum (UBBF2016)
    LRTV Custom TV
    Do You Really Need Gigabit Infrastructure?

    11|29|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Altibox is the biggest fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) player and the largest provider of video and TV in Norway. They started out with zero customers in 2002. Now they have close to half a million households and companies attached to their FTTH business. Nils Arne, CEO of Altibox shared with us their story and insight on 5G at Ultra-broadband Forum (UBBF2016).
    LRTV Custom TV
    BTís Openreach Strategy & Its Updates in 2016

    11|29|16   |     |   (0) comments

    A lot of developments at Openreach this year in terms of strategy and planned investments. Peter Bell, CIO of Openreach BT, shared with us the updates of Openreach at Ultra-broadband Forum (UBBF2016).
    LRTV Custom TV
    ITU: The Broadband Is Our Future

    11|29|16   |     |   (0) comments

    At Ultra-broadband Forum, Houlin Zhao, Secretary General of ITU, discussed how important it is for countries, companies and everybody to be working together to help to build the broadband and digital economies (UBBF2016).
    LRTV Custom TV
    Tackling 5G in Dallas

    11|28|16   |     |   (0) comments

    Here are our highlights of the 5G North America show in Dallas, Texas with Light Reading's Dan Jones.
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    May 16-17, 2017, Austin Convention Center, Austin, TX
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    BETWEEN THE CEOs - Executive Interviews
    Eyal Waldman, CEO of Mellanox Technologies, speaks to Steve Saunders, CEO of Light Reading, for an exclusive interview about the 100 GB cable challenge, cybersecurity and much more.
    Join us for an in-depth interview between Steve Saunders of Light Reading and Alexis Black Bjorlin of Intel as they discuss the release of the company's Silicon Photonics platform, its performance, long-term prospects, customer expectations and much more.
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    Even when there's a strong pipeline of female talent in the comms industry, it tends to leak all the way to the top. McKinsey & Company says women experience pipeline leakage at three primary points: being unable to enter, being stuck in the middle or being locked out of the top. Each pipeline pain point presents its own challenges, but also opportunities to stop the leak. Wireless operator Sprint is making a conscious effort to improve its own pipeline from new recruits to the C-suite, and it wants the rest of the industry to do the same. In this Women in Comms radio show, WiC Board Member and Sprint Vice President of Enterprise Sales Nelly Pitocco will give us her take on the industry's pipeline challenges. Pitocco, who joined Sprint in May and has spent 20 years in the comms industry, will also offer solutions, share how Sprint is tackling the challenge within its own organization and take your questions live on air.