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SlideshowThe 5 Stages of Dropping Your Smartphone Down the Toilet
Jessica DiGiacinto

There's really no need for an introduction to this slideshow. You know exactly what you're about to witness. We've all been there. We've all done it -- perhaps multiple times. Strangely, we never learn.

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Stage 1: Insane Panic
'I just dropped my phone in this dirty bar toilet. I just drowned my phone. Oh, my God, I am going to get so many germs, and my phone is ruined, and so is my life.'
"I just dropped my phone in this dirty bar toilet. I just drowned my phone. Oh, my God, I am going to get so many germs, and my phone is ruined, and so is my life."

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User Rank: Light Sabre
2/24/2014 | 1:36:03 PM
Re : The 5 Stages of Dropping Your Smartphone Down the Toilet
@FakeMitchWagner: No I hope not, that is discriminating in a funny way, but let's not be serious over this, eh?
User Rank: Light Sabre
2/24/2014 | 1:33:42 PM
Re : The 5 Stages of Dropping Your Smartphone Down the Toilet
This is hilarious, as well as shockingly accurate. I've faced these frights and downs in my life, I think from a business POV, cellphone manufacturers should market their waterproof phones as "Phones that you can drop in the toilet without having to panic".
User Rank: Blogger
2/21/2014 | 10:03:42 AM
Re: Yes, it happened to me and my phone still works
haha. Hey, she said I did her a favor because she was due for upgrade! I think it was an old flip phone anyway.
User Rank: Light Beer
2/21/2014 | 9:50:35 AM
Re: Yes, it happened to me and my phone still works
Oh, yeah, @SarahReedy, I'm sure that was a random, freak accident.

What I wonder is how you practiced the amazing shot. Did you have something, perhaps an ancient calculator, that was just the same size and weight? How did you predict the exact placement of the water glass? Oh, I know, you must have been the one to put the water there at just the right spot.

So, are you still friends? ;)
User Rank: Light Sabre
2/19/2014 | 2:12:01 AM
Re: The Family Guy
I know it's wrong, but Family Guy always cracks me up!  I'm a clutz with the worst luck, so I never bring my phone out of my pocket when near the toliet.  Just like how I never hold my keys when walking into an elevator, except that one time!  but (knocks on wood) so far so good with the phone.
User Rank: Light Sabre
2/17/2014 | 9:52:38 PM
Re: Never happened to me
@Mitch: Can't believe you are proposing a study on this topic. If you ever do one, please don't post it here. Let's keep Light Reading free of such analysis :)
User Rank: Light Beer
2/17/2014 | 1:09:43 AM
Re: The Family Guy
@mashka: I know a person who dropped his cell phone and tried his best to restore it but didn't work. I think it's always important to remember not to switch on the phone without making sure that the whole circuit board is dry  
User Rank: Light Beer
2/16/2014 | 7:25:01 PM
Re: The Family Guy
I do believe that a note  "don't throw anything but toilet paper  down the toilet, by the way, watch your cell phone" would really reduce the amont of dropped cell phones.
Mitch Wagner
Mitch Wagner,
User Rank: Lightning
2/14/2014 | 5:46:24 PM
The Family Guy
The Family Guy drops his phone in the toilet. This is "disgusting," and by "disgusting" I mean "wonderful and hilarious."

User Rank: Blogger
2/14/2014 | 4:17:08 AM
Re: Never happened to me
'Dan's Diaper Stories' - this could be a whole new regular section.


(or Nappy Narratives for the Brits, of course.)
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