You Stink

2:00 PM -- BBC News reports on a city worker who won £800,000 in damages after filing a suit against a "department from hell" chock full of bullies:

    Helen Green, 36, sued Deutsche Bank Group Services (UK) Ltd claiming harassment by colleagues and a lack of support from bosses.

    She said colleagues stonewalled her, laughed in her face, blew raspberries and told her: "You stink". But the firm denied any bullying or harassment.

    After the ruling, she said bullying was a widespread hidden menace in the City.

It continues:

    Made to feel uncomfortable by "crude and lewd comments", her colleagues would remove her name from circulation lists, hide her post and remove papers from her desk, she told the court.

While Red Panda can almost condone a well-timed Bronx cheer every now and again, being removed from circulation lists is just wrong.

— Red Panda, Light Reading

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:46:30 AM
re: You Stink What if your colleague actually stinks?

I knew one Web company during the dot com days where an engineer wore the same sweater for 42 days. That's right, his colleagues started keeping track. Finally human resources had to step in to tell this man he needed to bathe.
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