Yahoo Seeks More Broadband Partners

Yahoo is getting positively greedy. Not content to have formed broadband content partnerships with Rogers Cable, Verizon Communications and now BellSouth Corp. over the past few months, Yahoo is seeking to team up with still more cable modem and DSL players. During the company's third quarter earnings call Tues., Yahoo President & CEO Terry Semel said the company wants to boost its online revenues further through new broadband products, services and alliances. In the U.S. that seems to point to cable because Yahoo has already secured content integration deals with the three biggest Bells -- SBC Communications, Verizon and BellSouth. Indeed, Yahoo has now supplanted MSN as the main content partner for the three biggest telcos, leaving only Qwest primarily in MSN's hands. With Time Warner Cable lined up with AOL and Comcast weighing a stake in AOL too, those two MSOs seem ruled out. But could Cox or Charter or Adelphia or Mediacom be next for Yahoo? Stay tuned.

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