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WorldCom Launches Metro Ethernet

CLINTON, Miss. -- WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM - News), the leading global business data and Internet communications provider, today introduced the first comprehensive suite of Ethernet services permitting U.S. businesses to access their corporate networks, the Internet and network-based applications. WorldCom's Ethernet services allow customers to cost-effectively and easily update existing networks, quickly establish high-capacity connections to multiple locations and achieve new business capabilities. "WorldCom is setting the stage for significant advances in enterprise networking," said Brian Brewer, WorldCom chief marketing officer. "With WorldCom's Ethernet services, companies can increase the functionality of their existing networks while sweeping aside technological barriers to future business applications and information asset management that will be made possible by continued advancements in Ethernet technology. We envision a day when workers will be able to plug into an Ethernet port and gain ubiquitous access to all of their business applications." WorldCom's Ethernet services provide a wide range of solutions -- Internet Dedicated Ethernet, Internet Dedicated Gigabit Ethernet Port Only, Metro Private Line Ethernet, Wide Area Private Line Ethernet and Enterprise Ethernet Metro Services -- all tailored to meet a variety of customers' specific bandwidth, security and performance requirements. WorldCom Inc.
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