Work Poll: Retirement Jitters

Folks aren't feeling real panic about their retirement, but they see the era of big pensions as largely over, according to the results of Light Reading's April Work Poll.

When asked how secure they felt about retirement, 58 percent of the 34 respondents replied "Somewhat secure," while 33 percent said they felt "pretty insecure."

A small category of respondents had a downright bleak outlook, with 6 percent saying they were "likely to die broke, face down in the gutter."

It appears that most of the respondents aren't counting on any corporate pension, with fewer than half saying their company provided retirement benefits. More than half -- 52 percent of respondents -- say the "days of corporate pensions are long gone." Some believers still exist, though: 34 percent of respondents said they believe that corporations are still duty-bound to support the retirement of their workers (see Lucent Numbers Raise Pension Question, Bells Pinched by Pensions?, and Lucent Retirees Ask SEC for Help).

What about government retirement benefits? An overwhelming 70 percent said a government's role in supporting retirement should consist of a "safety net for the truly needy." Fifteen percent said there should be no government support of retirement at all, with another 15 percent taking an opposite tack, saying the government should provide retirement benefits for all.

You can still take the poll Here. A new Work Poll will be posted next week.

— The Staff, Light Reading

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