Work Poll: All Work, No Life

There’s no question that people in optical networking work hard. Whether they work for a startup or a large multinational company, people are putting their noses to the grind stone.

But the question is -- at what cost? In Light Reading’s December Work Poll, 47 percent of the 123 respondents said that they suffer from social problems as a result of working too much.

(Of course, the poll didn't address the question of whether the optical networking industry tends to attract the sort of people who've already got social problems...)

Another 41 percent said that their hard work has resulted in family problems, while 27 percent said it has resulted in medical problems.

Why are they working so hard? The majority (59 percent) of those taking the poll said that their companies or divisions are understaffed. Thirty-seven percent said that poor management was to blame for their over-work, and 23 percent said that peer pressure from co-workers caused them to work more than they would like.

These responses are hardly surprising considering the shortage of talented people in every facet of optical networking -- from experienced marketing staff to engineers.

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-- Marguerite Reardon, senior editor, Light Reading, http://www.lightreading.com

Marguerite Reardon 12/4/2012 | 9:02:53 PM
re: Work Poll: All Work, No Life Any thoughts on the outcome of the Light Reading poll on working too hard?
jbrunner007 12/4/2012 | 9:02:50 PM
re: Work Poll: All Work, No Life true.. but think about all the millions of people who work a hellava lot harder (i mean come on optical/it in general its done in front of computer, where i can sit and listen to music, etc) think off all the people that also work 15 hours a day, only difference i earn in one or 2 days what they earn in 2 weeks.. now tell me who has it hard... you have to work alot of hours @ say mcdonalds or burger king to make the six figure salaries that people like us in it engineering positions, and even worse IT management (ha ha ha) make for doing little physical labor.. so what if you miss a few hours now and then with the kids or wifey.. so what..
tell me your kids dont enjoy disney world every summer and your wife dosent enjoy all those long afternoons at the salon or nordstroms.. come on'
be realistic, compared to how hard most people have it, i will take big bucks to big nights socializing with drunks and whores any day..

besides when im 40 and making $250,000 as a TOP
optical authority or Exec. VP tell me i will regret all the nights i spend working to find solutions to the next generation internet..

i wonder if edison ever worried while he invented the light bulb, doubt it.
AJohnson 12/4/2012 | 9:02:45 PM
re: Work Poll: All Work, No Life I don't think you can compare a technical professional with someone who has a grade 10 education and work at McDonalds. The expectations, goals, and what they want for lives are completely different. The point that the wives and kids will love it when you send them to NordstromGÇÖs and Disney World may seem true, but think about it, if a person keeps working 15-20 hours a day, the chances are his kids and wife will be going to those shopping trips and vacations by themselves. If your family still enjoys going trips by themselves years after years without complaining about you not being there, then obviously, they only care about your money, not you!!! That means, they are using you for your money, and you are their slaves. It would be too sad to have wives and kids like that, wouldn't it?? The truth is that most of the wives and kids do want to spend time with their husbands and fathers. Just because you are making that much money sitting down in front of the computer does not mean you are that much better than the guy serving food at a restaurant - you are still working you butt off for someone else (your family or even worse your CEO). Think about it, all those hard work and the ultimate people who will benefit from it is not yourself! Of course if you are one of those workaholics who work for the sake of working, then you really don't need (and probably don't have) a family or friends. In that case, you will not have those family or social problems that others have.
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