Things That Make You Sigh on a Wednesday

Good day, and welcome to another episode of the clown show that passes for today's US legal system.

As many of you will be aware, Light Reading last year launched a group called Women in Comms (WiC), which you can find here: http://www.lightreading.com/women-in-comms.asp.

WiC gets together for meetings at Light Reading events and, well, I don't really know what they do, because I'm not a woman (and I have no plans to ask you to call me Caitlyn). But I'm told by women who have been to these events that WiC is doing excellent work with the overall goal of increasing the number and seniority of women working in our industry. And that's good enough for me.

But of course, this is America, land of the free to act like a complete fool.

According to this article on CNN, three "men's rights activists" recently filed a lawsuit against a startup that runs events for female entrepreneurs on the grounds that they breach a California law prohibiting business from discriminating based on factors including gender.

I'm pretty sure the writers of the law, which was created in 1959, weren't thinking of "male rights" when they enacted it, but that hasn't stopped the lawyer behind the suit from reportedly launching 150 such cases. Which means it's likely only a matter of time before he comes after WiC.

Which puts me in the position, as the owner of LR, which provides funding for the WiC events, of writing this column in order to state for the record that:

If you are a man, and you wish to come to a Light Reading Women in Comms event, you may do so. Personally, I cannot think of any earthly reason why you would want to, other than just plain stubbornness, or some sort of high school type paranoia that the members might be talking about you behind your back. But all of that said, sure, if you really want to sit there like a giant loser with people giving you strange looks then knock yourself out, brother! Be. Our. Guest.

I'll just leave this here for any men's rights activists to read it.

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