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While some firms plot world domination by making wireless LAN safe for enterprise users, others have found much simpler ways to make money from the world's insatiable desire for anything 802.11b (see 802.11 WLAN Shipments Double).

One such outfit is San Diego's Wireless Garden, which will happily sell you a long-range antenna for WLAN systems -- made out of something that closely resembles an old Pringles can -- for a mere $20. "Our engineers have optimized can length and diameter for maximum signal strength and distance," the company claims in its Website blurb.

Regular Unstrung readers will remember that the Pringles can antenna is the must-have accessory for the well-dressed Wardriver about town [definition: a person that drives around looking for unsecured wireless networks] (see WLAN - Snacking & Hacking). We can only imagine the kind of scorn this fiercely do-it-yourself section of the 802.11 community will heap on such a commercial "Cantenna" product.

Personally, we at Unstrung can't help but think about all the tasty, crunchy, yet delicate snacks you could fit inside these can-shaped antennas. Mmmmmmmm, Pringles.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung
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