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BelAir Supports WiMax

BelAir to incorporate WiMax as part of its wireless multiservice architecture for large-scale wireless networks

March 14, 2005

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NEW ORLEANS -- BelAir Networks, the first company to offer scalable wide-area wireless broadband solutions for metro deployments, has joined the WiMAX Forum(TM), a non-profit corporation formed to promote the IEEE 802.16 standard and certify the compatibility and interoperability of broadband wireless access equipment. BelAir supports the emerging 802.16 standard with its modular wireless broadband platforms and its technology-agnostic Wireless Multi-service Architecture (WMSA).

"We are pleased that BelAir Networks is joining the WiMAX Forum and demonstrating their commitment to the future of 802.16," said WiMAX Forum President Ron Resnick. "The WiMAX Forum drives innovation and growth of broadband wireless access. BelAir's technology-agnostic approach will help drive the adoption of WiMAX Forum Certified(TM) products by making it easy and cost-effective for mobile operators to integrate WiMAX technology into their offerings."

BelAir will offer WiMAX radio modules as options for its BelAir200 wireless multi-service switch routers and BelAir100 wireless multi-service nodes. BelAir expects initial offerings to enable the use of WiMAX for point-to-point wireless backhaul links. WiMAX access modules will follow as the IEEE 802.16e standard is integrated into mobile client devices.

"WiMAX is becoming an important element in the growth of large-scale wireless deployments. BelAir's products and our wireless mesh networks can readily incorporate WiMAX into our carrier-grade solution," said Bernard Herscovich, President and CEO of BelAir Networks. "From day one, our products were designed as modular platforms to leverage the benefits of emerging wireless networking technologies such as WiMAX. As a result, we will be able to integrate WiMAX and Wi-Fi together into the same product and offer network operators Wi-Fi, WiMAX or cellular infrastructure that enables secure, high-capacity wireless access for their customers."

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NEW ORLEANS -- BelAir Networks today announced its Wireless Multi-service Architecture (WMSA), the first architecture for the next generation of wireless networks.

With WMSA, carriers, service providers and network operators can deploy high capacity wireless infrastructure today that will support emerging access technologies - without forcing customers to incur future costly and disruptive network replacements. BelAir's Wireless Multi-service Architecture will also allow network operators to deliver high quality voice, video and data services on a metropolitan scale using a mix of Wi-Fi, WiMAX and 3G cellular technologies.

"As a result of increasing demand for wireless connectivity for different services, no single wireless technology is likely to dominate. Instead multiple technologies will coexist and interoperate. BelAir's approach to this integration challenge will allow service providers to improve functionality and coverage, without having to deploy an entirely new network," stated Monica Paolini, President and Founder, Senza-Fili Consulting. "Service providers need a way to deploy an infrastructure that is flexible enough to incorporate new technologies and standards while maintaining high capacity and QoS at a low operating cost."

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