Wireless Content Gets Weirder

2:40 PM -- Its hard not to feel that mobile content is in a "throw it against the wall and see what sticks" mode at the moment.

For instance, I got a pitch from achingly hip operator Amp'd Mobile Inc. promoting its new "Lil' Hollywood" animated clips for cellphones this morning.

This mobile cartoon is definitely trading on shock value. So, it is probably best not to read on here if you are easily offended... or eating lunch.

The promo promises:

"Lil' Paris, Lil' Lil' Kim, Lil' Bald Britney, Lil' Bald Britney's bald hoo-hoo, & pals join forces for new series."

The series being a parody that will "follow the pint sized adventures of Hollywood's hottest celebrities as they try to get through their day-to-day lives." Okay then. Sex and celebrity sell, I suppose. I'm not personally offended by a lil' bit o' sleaze, but the entire premise sounds to me about as funny as getting your foot run over.

There again, I'm not the target audience for Amp'd. And I would bet that a lot more of these kind of mildly smutty, celebrity-obsessed type of clips will be arriving on handsets soon. After all, there are more operators targeting the 18-25 niche -- such as Amp'd and Helio Inc. -- and content providers know this stuff works.

It'll be a shame if that's all that mobile content adds up to. I was hoping for just a wee bit more creativity for the smallest screen.

— Li'l Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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