Windstream Leaves Rural Roots Behind

9:00 AM -- About a year ago, Windstream Communications Inc. (Nasdaq: WIN) CEO Jeff Gardner went on CNBC and talked about the rural focus of his Tier 2 ILEC. My how times have changed. Windstream can hardly be considered a rural ILEC anymore.

Take a look at their acquisition spree in the past couple years -- NuVox, Hosted Solutions, Q-Com -- all business, enterprise and cloud focused. Add PAETEC to the mix and a rural focused ILEC is no longer in sight. Their business is more about data centers, wireless backhaul and enterprise services, than rural local loops.

Windstream reports that 70 percent of their revenue will now come from business and broadband services. The strategy is pretty clear. SO how do you classify Windstream today? Certainly not a rural ILEC. This industry needs a new acronym. Ideas?

— Bernardin Arnason, Managing Partner, Pivot Group , and Publisher, Telecompetitor

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