WiMax: Last Chance to Vote!

Hey you! You haven't voted in our WiMax poll yet, have you? Well, you're going to look pretty silly on Monday, aren't you?

Yes, its true, all good things must come to end, and... our poll on the hottest li'l wireless MAN technology in the world has to end next week, too.

WiMax, you'll no doubt recall, is a new specification for delivering high-speed wireless data services over a distance of 30 miles or thereabouts (see Working for the MAN).

So far, more than 300 of our devoted readers have had their say on the past, present, and future of WiMax -- or 802.16a revision d, for those of you who aren't into the whole brevity thing.

And 15 percent of those voters think hamsters will "make the dream of widespread wireless broadband a reality."(!)

So -- whether you think WiMax is greatest thing since sliced bread -- or merely the best thing since pre-processed cheese slices, click to vote now: WiMax: Metro-Sexy?. — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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