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2005 will probably be the year in which WiMax sinks or swims as the next big thing in telecom technology. For that reason, plenty of people are going to need a quick and easy way of getting up to speed on what WiMax is and why it's stirring up so much interest.

This report aims to provide that quick and easy guide, by answering questions that are most frequently asked about WiMax. In the report's initial form, answers to eight basic questions are given, one per page. But the idea is that readers can ask further questions on the message board attached to this article. If you want to send a private message, please email [email protected] and include "WiMax Guide" in the subject field. Frequently posed questions will be answered by adding pages to this report.

For those that just want a high-level understanding of WiMax, here are the key points:

  • WiMax is a broadband access technology that delivers high-speed, carrier-grade Ethernet data communications by wireless over city-sized distances.
  • Its main use initially will be to deliver broadband Internet connections to buildings by wireless and to provide links between WLAN hotspots and carriers’ core IP networks (backhaul); later, individual user devices such as PCs will be connected direct, and, eventually, mobile devices.
  • Its big attractions are expected to be the usual Ethernet and wireless virtues of low costs, flexibility, ease of rollout and use, and interoperability.
  • However, WiMax is not expected to be fully commercialized until about 2006.

Industry opinions are divided over WiMax's prospects, judging by early results of a poll being conducted on Unstrung, Light Reading's sister Website covering wireless technologies. So far, 48 percent of respondents say WiMax will "emerge as a credible wireless replacement for DSL/cable" and exactly the same percentage say it will "splutter onto the market with minimal impact."

To take the poll yourself and see the full, up-to-date results, please click on this link.

Here's a hyperlinked list of the questions and answers in this report:

Webinar Archives on WiMax

Paid Research Reports on WiMax

— Tim Hills, Freelance Telecommunications Writer and Journalist

Need to know more about the latest developments in WiMax? check out the coming Light Reading Live! conference:

WiMax – Why Now?
at the W Hotel, Union Square, New York City, on Tuesday, January 20, 2005

This one-day event, hosted by Rick Thompson, Heavy Reading Analyst at Large, will provide qualified attendees from Light Reading's global audience an education in how WiMax will fit into their networking development plans for 2005 and beyond.

  • For more information, click here
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Peter Heywood
Peter Heywood
12/5/2012 | 3:30:35 AM
re: WiMax Guide
This article has also been posted on Light Reading, where some messages have been posted. Here's a link:

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