WiFi Worries

1:00 PM -- I fear the proliferation of wireless Internet access and all the services that come with it.

Look no further than Intel's New Year's resolutions "for a Mobile 2005" to find proof that it's not always smart to use technology just because it's there. Too much of that kind of thing turns people into the same kind of workaholic, antisocial drones that make Silicon Valley a great place to avoid.

The third resolution in the list was a particularly bad idea:

Take your laptop on vacation: Record your favorite TV shows with an Intel Pentium 4 processor-based Entertainment PC and take them with you on your notebook.

Or, how about leaving your laptop at home while you're on vacation because you're on vacation?

The seventh resolution in Intel's list is equally annoying:

Work smarter, not longer: Whether you are flying cross-country or waiting at soccer practice, laptop mobility enables you to fit work into slices of time that otherwise would go unused, freeing time later for other important activities.

Why not bring the laptop to church, weddings, and funerals, too? The more solemn the occasion, the more downtime you're likely to have when you could be working.

Finally there's the ninth resolution:

Make a wireless café your extended office: Advanced wireless communication combined with an increasing number of hotspots are heating up the coffee culture around the world with people genuinely relaxing on a café couch with everything they need to do their jobs on their laptops.

I think café employees would appreciate it if you would consume your coffee and go away. Have we become so dependent on our Internet connections that we can't take a proper coffee break anymore?

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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