Why Max?

8:00 AM -- The linguistic flexibility of vendors pushing fixed wireless products that may one day be referred to as "WiMax" but haven't yet been certified by the WiMAX Forum never ceases to surprise.

I've heard "pre-WiMax," "WiMax-ready," and "WiMax-capable" in the last few months. And now a release from Redline Networks Inc. tells us that it has established in Ontario a "WiMAX" link that will broadcast live video over "a WiMAX-based connection."

But, how can this be? For as Unstrung exclusively reported last week, official WiMax certification has been delayed yet again (see WiMax Waits on Testing). Testing won't now start until October, which probably means that real, live WiMax-certified kit won't be available until 2006.

So enough with WiMax prefixes (or suffixes), okay? This is fixed wireless gear, pure and simple. And if you really want to call WiMax something, why not call it fashionably late? (Just don't call it late for dinner. Ba-DUM-bum.) — Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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