Why Did Hale Resign From Limelight?

After Limelight Networks Inc. (Nasdaq: LLNW) announced this morning that CFO Matt Hale would be resigning by the end of the year, the next obvious question is, why'd he leave?

Analysts speculated that there could be a number of things behind the move to push Hale out, among them the shaky stock price, the lack of earnings improvement, and even troubles with the installation of back-office systems.

Analysts say the main point is that the company is taking action. "They're looking for change. The company has a negative rep with the Street today, so any change is positive," Merriman analyst Colby Synesael says.

For more on why Hale left Limelight, see the full story on Contentinople.

– Ryan Lawler, Contentinople

Honestly 12/5/2012 | 3:37:01 PM
re: Why Did Hale Resign From Limelight? Colby Simessiel is a goof ball, "any change is good". If the CFO left because the ship is going down, well please explain how that is good.

Let us not forget the Akam patent suit. LLNW is having to pay a daily penalty on all on-going business until the law suit is final. AKAM has taken several companies down the same way defending its patent. I doubt this will be any different. I think Hale is smart and grabbed a life vest. LLNW has a dark yucky reputation everywhere. What, who can bail them out.?
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