Who's Your Daddy?

4:35 PM -- Reuters reports on a buffalo in India who is in the running for the Most Popular Buffalo in the History of the World:

    Two villagers in India are ready to spend 10,000 rupees ($220) on a DNA test to decide the ownership of a disputed buffalo, more than double the value of the animal itself, police said Monday.

10,000 rupees? That's more than anyone's ever spent on my paternity test...

    "The feuding farmers are ready to shell out 10,000 rupees for the test even though the cost of the buffalo is 4,000 rupees," said M. Kamalakar Rao, a police officer in Nellore district.

Why not just do it the old-fashioned way where both farmers call out "Here Buffalo!" and see which one he roams to?

    DNA fingerprinting is increasingly used in India for investigating murder and rape cases and settling paternity disputes.

    But officials in Andhra Pradesh say this is the first time they have heard of farmers in the state using DNA fingerprinting -- which is based on identification by genetic markers -- to determine the paternity of a buffalo.

Well, now "buffalo paternity" can go on the DNA fingerprinting list right below murder and rape where it belongs. Sounds about right to me.

— Red Panda, Springer Show Devotee, Light Reading

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