Wholesale Changes for the Mobile App Ecosystem?

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This week we look at the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC), mobile social networks, Algerians leapfrogging 3G, how to value Latin American telcos and Ethernet innovation (or lack thereof). It's all this week in an especially WAC edition of Research Rewind.

  • The new Heavy Reading Insider, "Telcos Take One Last WAC at Digital App Success," looks at the Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) and evaluates the opportunities for SDP vendors as WAC puts its weight behind network exposure and reinforces to operators the benefits of having platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities that support an ecosystem of third-party developers. This report profiles 11 leading vendors in the market. (For more, see the related Heavy Reading blog post, "WAC Leading Telcos to Digital App Success.")

  • Pyramid Research just published an Insider report on mobile social networks in Africa and the Middle East (AME). According to Ronda Zelezny-Green, Associate Research Analyst at Pyramid, these social networks represent quite the revenue opportunity for operators and handset manufacturers in AME that can meet the needs of young people using these networks.

  • The Pyramid blogosphere was active this week as well. In "No 3G for Us, Thank You. We Are Algerian," Pyramid Analyst Majd Hosn notes that the country could kick-start its mobile broadband revolution by skipping 3G and going straight to LTE. In "Three Tests for Valuing Latin American Telcos," Pyramid Senior Analyst Jose Magana writes that market position, competition and content all play a role.

  • Back over at Heavy Reading, Senior Analyst Stan Hubbard does a postmortem on Ethernet Europe. He notes that many service provider experts are disappointed by the lack of technology innovation on the Ethernet front.

  • Finally, just a reminder that there's still time to register for the upcoming "Making Money on Mobile Broadband" conference in Brazil in June. For more details, see Pyramid Research Senior Analyst Vinicius Caetano's Pyramid Points, "Brazil Goes Louco for Mobile Broadband." Comment on our Facebook page here.
That's Research Rewind for this week. Until next Friday, we'll see you online at Pyramid Research and Heavy Reading. May the telecom be with you!

— Matt Donnelly, Managing Editor, Pyramid Research

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