Where's My Juice?!

4:30 PM -- NBC10.com reports on what happens when the devil's spawn doesn't get his way on an airplane:

    A child's tantrum onboard a Delta commuter flight forced a pilot to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport.

Ooooh! The ultimate punishment for a child -- make him visit Philadelphia.

    The forced landing was caused by a fight over apple juice.

Yet another child causing trouble over a little juice. In my day, if we wanted apple juice, we had to walk eight bazillion miles in the snow and pick it from a tree!


    A 4-year-old wanted apple juice and when the stewardess didn't get it quick enough, the child threw a tantrum, NBC 10 reported.

So they landed the plane? Couldn't they just use the age-old threat... Wait, how did it go when I was a kid, let me see here... Oh! Something like... "IF YOU DON'T SHUT UP I'M GOING TO CALL SANTA RIGHT NOW YOU WORTHLESS BRAT!"

    Passengers were spending the night in Philadelphia, NBC 10 reported.

Not that I'm advocating dropping kids off cliffs, but sometimes I truly think the mother in "The Good Son" had the right idea...

— Red Panda, Just Kidding About the Cliff, Light Reading

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