Where Is NYC?

8:30 AM -- Looking at the view from my office window, in downtown Manhattan, it's easy to see that I'm right in the heart of one of the teeming epicenters of human commerce and culture -- New York City.

As the sun rises on a panopoly of skyscrapers, I can just make out some barges on the Hudson River. Yet, even 20 floors up, the bustle of the street below is clearly audible.

It appears, however, that NYC may be falling behind some other major metropolitan areas in technological ways that aren't so clear to the eye or ear.

For instance, The City of London -- that's the financial district to out-of-towners -- has just let it be known that it will have a comprehensive wireless LAN network in place in months. Meanwhile, other major cities in the U.S., such as Philadelphia and San Francisco, are well along along the path to wireless LAN mesh networks. In Taiwan, Taipei says that it will build the largest mesh network yet deployed.

New York, however, seems to be bogged down in bureaucracy. The City Council passed a piece of legislation to establish a committee on municipal broadband late last year. That was about the last we heard of any possible citywide wireless schemes. (See Muni Mesh: SF Leads The Way.)

To be sure, there are plenty of smaller organizations, such as NYC Wireless , pushing mesh wireless as a good thing for the city. Still, doesn't it seem odd that citywide mesh wireless isn't getting the high-level attention in New York that it is receiving in other major world cities?

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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