Where Did You Get That Hat?

A Norwegian clothing company has reportedly produced a baseball cap designed to shield mobile phone users from the possibly harmful radiation emissions given out by their handsets. The Handy-Fashions group has produced a baseball cap -- in stylin' blue or black -- with flaps that fold down over the ears. The cap has a thin layer of silver woven inside that is said to shield the user from almost 100 percent of emissions. And yet, "It's no heavier than a normal cap," Walter Krauss, head of the Handy-Fashions group told Reuters All this fashion goodness costs a mere $53. Frankly, we have no idea if it is available outside of Norway yet -- or ever will be. However, we do know that our debonair European Editor Ray Le Maistre is hoping for a beret-style version to go with his protective strides (see Levi's Connect and Protect).

The jury is actually still out on whether cell emissions do actually pose a significant health risk. There have been numerous contradictory studies issued recently.

— Dan Jones, Senior Editor, Unstrung www.unstrung.com
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