When a View is Just a View

5:00 PM -- Take a look at what's going on at Contentinople:

  • In Part 1 of an interview with Jeff Lunsford, the Limelight CEO talks about marketing and the company's strategy of "walking softly and carrying a big network." Today in Part 2, in between dodging questions, the CDN's chief executive talks about pricing, the joys of being transparent, and the necessity of having a multiyear view.

  • It's time for an HD throwdown: HDNet vs. MOJO. The long of it is: HDNet was first, but lacks a Web presence and brand identity, while MOJO targets men with money who like to drink and party. The short of it is: Don't cancel your premium channels.

  • Video aggregators are presenting increasingly less slippery definitions of what a video "view" is. Is it every time a video is watched in its entirety? Whenever a user clicks "play"? There's no standard, but advertisers want to know if they're really reaching viewers.

  • Stealth advertising? "Guys Backflip Into Jeans" was the most popular viral video online last week -- and it was made by Levi's! With no mention of the company's sponsorship anywhere in the video, or even a view of the trademark tag, does the promotion of goodwill toward jeans drive sales?
And now for a Bit of News: Google snaps back at Viacom, filing a suit defending the Internet and "hundreds of millions of people." Way to stand up for the little guy, Google. — The Staff, Contentinople

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