What Smells Tired?

5:30 PM -- Smellovision is making a comeback, so go ahead and cross that off your wish list:

    Megan Dickerson always loved the rich colors and melodic scores of the film “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” But she also longed to experience the sweet scents of chocolate and schnozberries...

And of Charlie's decrepit Grandpa Joe. Sniff... Ahh...

    A self-proclaimed multisensory artist, Dickerson is now trying to revive “Smellovision.”

Ah, yes, a "multisensory artist." My second favorite artist next to the unitongued artist.

    She’s staged outdoor showings of “Willy Wonka” for hundreds of people and used oscillating fans and artificially scented oils to distribute aromas of blueberry pie and banana taffy during the film. With help from local art houses and the Boston Children’s Museum, she plans to bring other films for sniffing to theaters this fall.

She particularly looks forward to the potency of films like Elmo's Potty Time.

    Dickerson, a manager of community programs for the Boston Children’s Museum, said she’s always been fascinated with the psychology associated with smell, and started to experiment with fragrances through a program with the Sense of Smell Institute at the museum...

    “Sometimes, if you just tell someone that a smell is something it’s not, they will automatically perceive it to be that scent,” she said. “It’s all psychological.”

Yes. So is "insanity."

— Red "Scratch 'n' Sniff" Panda, Light Reading

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