What Now for Sprint's WiMax?

3:00 PM -- I have to think that Verizon Wireless 's LTE 4G plans make Sprint Corp. (NYSE: S)'s XOHM WiMax strategy look even more shaky.

If, as it appears, most of the rest of the world is moving to LTE then WiMax starts to look like a difficult choice. Sprint gets far less choices in roaming and international partners.

There's still plenty time for all this to change around of course. We're very much at the start of a marathon run, rather than a mad dash, towards 4G. It will still be years before faster 4G networks are commonplace.

LTE, however, is starting to potentially emerge as a semi-global 4G standard. China, of course, could easily throw a spanner in the works of global mobile convergence in the next decade but that's a whole other blog...

— Dan Jones, Site Editor, Unstrung

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