What a Quote

6:00 PM -- It's hard to avoid clichés in writing and speaking. I normally avoid them like the plague, but sometimes they stick to me like glue.

When clichés are butchered, or just can't be avoided, we can at least neutralize them by overexplaining them or surrounding them with tired humor. Note this passage from the NDCF story, Force10 Does the Density Dance:

”It’s all about the guy with the biggest fish,” explains Steven Schuchart, senior analyst for enterprise infrastructure at Current Analysis, who actually means "company" when he says "guy" and "most dense Ethernet linecards" when he says "biggest fish."

I know. Such a wild approach to language is risky. But here at Light Reading, we're pretty sure a faint heart never won fair maiden. So there.

— Phil Harvey, News Editor, Light Reading

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