We're #16!

5:00 PM -- You would think with all the emphasis the Bush Administration and the FCC have put on broadband penetration, the US would start to fare better. You would think that, but some say the problem's getting worse:
The United States continues to fall in the world rankings of broadband penetration. The United States now stands at 16th worldwide in the number of broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants, placing it far behind countries such as Canada, Japan, and South Korea. The United States also ranked 16th in the net change in broadband penetration from 2003 to 2004, indicating a comparatively slow pace of broadband adoption within the country.

Some of our readers blame the RBOCs for this predicament (see Poll: RBOCs Fuel 'Broadband Gap'). But are the phone companies really so powerful that they are slowing broadband growth to match their business plans?

— Phil Harvey, Broadband Embarrassment Editor, Light Reading

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