Weird Smell Journal

1:00 PM -- Advertising Age reports that cutting-edge '50s technology is coming to a rag near you:

    The Wall Street Journal is on the verge of offering scented print-ad units that will appear on the regular pages of the paper. The technology takes "scratch 'n sniff" to a more refined level -- think "rub and sniff..."
Urrgh... Been there, done that.
    The paper is still working out the details, including the technology. "I believe that our colleagues have perfected chocolate and perfume," [publisher L. Gordon] Crovitz said. "You can quote me saying we encourage Ad Age readers to suggest scents that might be appropriate. One of my colleagues suggested new money."
This'll pull the kids in.

Any ideas, Dear Readers? Wet Monkey? How 'bout Tired Crap?

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

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