Weird Science

11:05 AM -- In case you missed it, the prestigious IgNobel Prizes were awarded earlier this month. Physorg.com reports:

    Wasmia Al-Houty of Kuwait University and Faten Al-Mussalam of the Kuwait Environment Public Authority, took home the nutrition prize for showing that dung beetles are in fact finicky eaters...

    Francis Fesmire of the University of Tennessee accepted the medicine Ig in person for his report "Termination of Intractable Hiccups with Digital Rectal Massage"...

    Physics laureates Basile Audoly and Sebastien Neukirch of Paris University were honoured for their insights into why dry spaghetti tends to break into more than two pieces.

    And while the conclusions of a group of scientists from Valencia University and the University of Illes Balears in Spain were not immediately clear, the judges deemed their study "Ultrasonic Velocity in Cheddar Cheese as Affected by Temperature" worthy of the chemistry prize.
Note to those of you in Florida's 16th District: Call your Congressman for help with those hiccups.

— Larry, Attack Monkey, Light Reading

sfwriter 12/5/2012 | 3:37:24 AM
re: Weird Science I knew a woman whose father had intractable hiccups. It lasted for something like 6 months. At that point, I think I'd be desperate enough to investigate "alternative" therapies.
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